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November 15, 2022


Dela fina minnen, dina bilder delas bland dina kunder.

Click on a book and read:

In our bookshelf we place many books, take one off the shelf and read.
We hope that this new service can attract many people to view books digitally, there are many advantages.

Different ways to share:

You will receive a link that you can have on your page. to your book
And you also get a code you can place on your page and the book is on your page

How many books:

You can do multiple books, no problem.
You can order books without buying the physical book.
But you can't have the e-book as proofing so the customer can look and make changes.

Delivery of the files:

You can deliver spreads from a book you design or have designed.
We make it so there are pages.
Deliver with  Wetransfer to coffee-table.books@photoever.se




It is possible to have a video link from YouTube.
And a slideshow, we limit this to 20 images and 600 pixels wide.
Your logo - links to you and a presentation.



Your book must have a name and a description,
as well as Keywords to describe the book's content, this for SEO.
Could look like this.
Title: Dovile & Daniel
Book description: We offer photography, film, hair and make up.
A unique concept at a very favorable price.
We mainly focus on wedding photography, but we also do photography
family photos, pregnancy, child and baby photos.
Keywords: love, bride and groom, wedding photos, photoever, wedding, etc


Price comparison:

Features and price level.


You can design with many programs, we are available in most of them.
But you design for free in our -

If you design in our program, we need the #number so we can talk to the lab.

Other information:

Magnus does this partially manually, so it may take a few days before the E-book is ready.
If you have not ordered the book, tell us what should be written on the front / logo on the back.
so Magnus makes the covers in Photoshop

Learn more about this.


In addition to making e-books from albums, you can of course create presentations etc
Imagination sets the limits and we do not put a presentation such as our magazine in the library.

Future plans.
We hope that this becomes popular and that we can get photographers to want their books on the bookshelf
Because then buy a larger package from Fliphtml5, which means that we can, among other things, have unlimited books on our bookshelf
- Join us and build a fantastic library.
The next best way to display a book, a book in hand is of course unbeatable.
In today's situation, this is perhaps the best way for you as it can be spread across all borders.
A warm welcome to the Izabela & Magnus library



We are known for our Photo Books, and…

We keep the service as high as we can, which exceeds the expectations of many photographers.
Here we present our various quality books so that you can make up your own mind.
We have been working with exclusive, handmade photo albums for photographers since 2009, expanding our way of helping photographers in different ways.
Extremaalbum offers beautifully printed, handmade photo books and albums, book, photo and USB cases, folios, prints, wall art and canvas.
V at Extremalbum also offers its own tools that help you design fantastic photo books easily and at no extra cost.
One of the 5 services we offer is E-book read more about the services here!

Izabela & Magnus

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Black Friday men inte bara en dag

Black Friday but not just one day!
will be able to keep prices down in the future.

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