November 6, 2020
Picture of tempered glass
July 15, 2020


Software with Drop-Zones® from Fundy.

Albumworks A little brother to Fundy design.
Subscription The programs do not charge for proofing,
you can export for print or a online book,
men kunden kan inte kommentera.
Support The program has FAQ on the page support,
if you do not find the answer, send an email.
Demo You can freely try the program for 14 days, but it is not possible to download the design.
Templates You can change how the images are cropped.
Albumworks Albumworks

“We can do more than we think.
I just spearheaded the launch of our brand-new web-based album design software for those that don’t need everything in Fundy Designer.
And it already got a Hot One Award.

Oh, and we got a Hot One Award for Fundy Designer. always double down.”

Andrew Funderburg

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