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November 4, 2019
UV – front possibilities
October 31, 2019
Here we have done step by step instruction to make a text on the front of a book.
The recommendation is uppercase letter 1.5cm high or 43 pixels and then you save it as a PDF
1: Open Photoshop and create a new document.
2: We create a 25x25 centimeter in 300 dpi and have a white background and name it to the front.
3: To mark the center, we create two guidelines.
4: We do not need to measure but write 50% first vertically and then horizontally.
5: Now we see where we have the center. and select the text tool
6: Choose the font you want, you may have a favorite you bought, it's no problem.
When the graphic artist on the lab is going to make the text,
it is loaded as an image regardless of which method we should write with, laser, UV or stamp
To get the right size for a large letter, make it 43 pixels or 1.5 cm high. also select if you want left text or center positioned.
7: Switch to Path and selection tool on the left to select Auto-Selekt and Show Transform Controls,
at the top, this way you can now move the text so that you get it in the center, or if you want to put the bottom line on the horizontal line, a matter of taste.
Read more about costs and max size of text for standard price.
8: When you are done you save it as a PDF and preferably in layer then the graphic artist will be a little extra happy on you.
9: Save to a large size designed for printing.
When ordering your book, you only refer to your PDF that you place in the same folder as your design.
Till ordersidan
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