Click on a book and read.

This is our bookshelf here we will place many books, take one off the shelf and read.
We hope that this new service can attract many people to view books digitally, there are many benefits.

Magnus helps you all the way.

Magnus helps you with "everything", we have bought this opportunity for the sake of our customers.
The books can be shared online, a link or embedded you decide. - The perfect way to share and market yourself.

Once we have created and set it up on the bookshelf, you will receive a link to the book and a code to embed it on your page.
If you want, you can also write * SEO for each page, a descriptive text and info.
The other symbols are because when we make a book, all books are made unique to us.

I fix the front with your instructions a little craft but it's fun.

At the bottom we have a "toolbar" where we have various options, here a quick overview of the book's pages.

Link to video from Youtube or Vimeo, the text that comes with is the one you have written for your film, the image is also from the film this happens automatically.

On one of the buttons you see a slide show. Make the longest page 600dpi. Then it will not be so heavy.

There is of course the opportunity to share via social media and with a link.

Behind the info button you have the opportunity to write a text / presentation / something about the content.
It is also contact information the link to the website is clickable.

And you have an opportunity for SEO for each page, a descriptive text that tells you what there is to see. It is also contact information the link to the website is clickable.

What we need from you.

1Are you on our site Photoever?
We have two requirements, you must work as a photographer and be on our page Photoever. Here you can read how to join
2Delivery of the files to the flash book
You can deliver spreads from a book you design or have designed.
We turn it into pages.
Deliver with Wetransfer to
You also need to create a front and back do it 25x25 cm i 300 dpi.
maila till
3The name of the book
Tell us what the book will be called, it will be seen, on the bookshelf.
4Can I have text in my book?
Yes, it's fine, let a page have information about you if you want, but keep in mind that it should be possible to read.
5How many pages can I have in my flipbook
The storage space is limited so I have decided that 50 spreads is max.
6Video link in the panel
In the panel below the book, it is possible to have a video link from yoytube.
You write that info to our email
7Slideshow in the panel
In the panel below the book, it is possible to have a slide show, we limit this to 20 images and 600 pixels wide.
You write that info to our email used Wetransfer
8Your info is in the panel
Here you can give us a logo, email, mobile, website, address and a short presentation of you.
Then we post it so you are contactable.
Look here above and you will see what it looks like.
9Book info.
Your book should have a name and a description, as well as Keywords to describe the book's content this for SEO.
10Advertising on the site?
Since we bought the service, no advertising banner will appear.
However, our logo is discreetly included, it leads to the page
- Our marketing page of photographers who want customers who have knowledge of products that photographers can deliver.
11Link - Embed
You get a link you can have on your page. to your book
And you also get a code you can place on your page and the book is on your page, as above.
12We will be seen at fliphtml5
This service provides a website for us.
Here you can find inspiration from other users.
And a bookshelf which we soon hope is full.
13How many books can you have?
We can make up to 3 books a week, with the reservation that other work takes precedence as this is a free service to be photographers on the page - You are welcome?
You can have a Book with a maximum of 50 spreads / video / slide show.
There is a maximum space for 50 books at present.
Premium customers may have two books subject to availability.
14Can I buy an extra place on the bookshelf?
We will offer this and the price will then be 100 SEK ex VAT.
Or buy your own subscription that costs $ 180 per year.
And you then have to do the job yourself.
You can also run a free variant, but then you get advertising banners and not all the opportunities that a subscription provides.
15Future plans.
We hope that this will be popular and that we can make photographers want to buy extra books on the bookshelf for 100 SEK ex VAT
Because then we invest them in you again and buy a larger package at Fliphtml5, which means that we can, among other things, have unlimited books on our bookshelf - Join us and build a fantastic library.
The second best way to show a book, a book in hand is of course unbeatable.
In today's situation, this is perhaps the best way after all.
Welcome to the Izabela & Magnus library
1: Name of the book
2: A description of the book
3: Keywords
4: Max 50 spreads plus one front and back.
5: Youtube link
6:25 slideshow images
7: Your logo
8: Mail address
9: Mobile number
10: Location
11: A short presentation of you.
12: Send to us,
13: Send with Wetransfer
14: Together this will be absolutely fantastic!