UV – Laser – Embossing

Zalamo updates with several news
October 31, 2019
4 Nubuk colors added
November 7, 2019
Zalamo updates with several news
October 31, 2019
4 Nubuk colors added
November 7, 2019


With UV, we write today with three color choices
Black - White - Brown,
By 2020, we hope to provide more opportunities.

A technique where you write the text with a special printer and color after the text / monogram is in place you illuminate it with UV light.
It is basically the same technique used when the dentist fixes teeth. This method also has a different pricing when it comes to size.

From 2020, we hope to instruct to print motifs with many colors as the example here with flowers.
See more about UV on the page, and how to create a text / monogram / mm


Stamp - Embossing

First, we make a cliche. You have four finishing choices Silver - Gold - Brown - Black.

Getting the text with a stamp takes a little longer, when you first have to make a cliche. You can get stamped without or with foil. Gold, Silver, White and Brown. you look at the sample here next to it without foil and with brown foil.
One advantage of stamping is that it only costs a little extra to get the case stamped with the same stamp. More on how to order here.

You can see more info about Stamp here.
Create text for stamp / And pricing.

UV – Laser – Embossing


There are NO color choices
when burning text with laser.

Laser is a popular and inexpensive method, this means that you burn in the text or monogram with the help of a laser.
This means that you can have no choice of color, the color depends on the material base.
On the right edge of the linen samples on this link you will see examples of what it might look like.
On the white book that is artificial leather, the laser turns a little yellow / brown depending on the base of the material and the heat from the laser.
The gray book is with Nubuk and there the result is completely different see more examples via this link.

Create text and deliver a PDF in the same way as other methods.
See more about laser here!


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UV Laser Stamp. What is what and how does it work? We work out the concepts. Stamp requires a cliche , Laser no color choice , UV a technique of color.

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