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The inside of the cover
March 1, 2019
Photo books with passepartout.
February 27, 2019


The book that holds "all" pictures.

Number of materials:

The outside in leather, artificial leather, nubuk, textile, touch, eco paper, vinyl.


30x45 cm, 30x30 cm, 25x38 cm, 25x25 cm, 20x30 cm.
Number of pages from 60 to 130 pcs

Paper choice:

We have 6 paper choices, the papers are printed on both sides.


You will find these books with Passepartouts under Albums


These books are not flat, but can tell your whole story.
These books are intended for those who want an exclusive book that can hold pictures from the whole day.
The binding allows you to have a lot of pages in them.
You can start and/or end with parchment paper.
You design these books as pages.


You can get these books in different designs.
Pictures on StoryBook.

Price comparison:

Features and price level.


Here we want PAGES There are some programs for design where you can export pages one of them is our Ephotodesigner.
When designing, leave 2cm blank closest to the back for the binding.

StoryBook 20x30 - page format: 204x303 mm,  StoryBook 25x25 - page format: 254x253 mm,
StoryBook 25x38 - page format: 254x377 mm,  StoryBook 30x30 - page format 304x303 mm,
StoryBook 30x45 - page format: 288x428 mm

Other information:

The most common sizes in mm and px and good advice.
Safety margin, miss DPI, file format, color profiles, etc

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FAQ: Story book

You can start and end these books with a pergamine paper.
The book is available in five sizes, and has four paper choices.
Storybook book that has room for "all" pictures from the day.
160 pages with an average of 4 images per page, gives the opportunity to get 640 pictures in a storybook.
When designing leave 2 cm empty closest to the back for binding.
Printed on both sides.
The method of binding these books enables a large number of pages that can be opened almost flat.
Storybook gives a lot of space for photos (from 60 to 130 pages!).

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