March 3, 2019
Studioline the economic book for dear memories
March 5, 2019


A book with built-in media player
Our most exclusive - Gloves and case included

Number of materials:

The outside in all materials from our range, with or without padding.
When you open the cover, the LCD screen starts with a touch screen.
The screen has a built-in 4 GB memory.
You can insert a video or presentations.


25x35 cm Up to 30x30
Number of spreads from 5 to 50 pcs

Paper choice:

Currently we have 5 traditional paper choices.
You can choose from 4 thicknesses of the core that make the sides from 0.6 to 2 mm thick.


You will find these books included under Photo Book Special.


If you don't have a movie, you can make a slide show that you load into the player in mp4 format.
As usual, our card with care information follows.




You can get these books in different designs such as,
Simple gallant, Florence, New trendy, Future, or Photo exterior

Pictures on the photo book with LCD.

Price comparison:

Features and price level.


You can design with many programs, we are available in most of them.
But you design for free in our -


Other information:

The most common sizes in mm and px and good advice.
Safety margin, miss DPI, file format, color profiles, etc

Learn more about this.

Here you will find the photo books that are most often ordered for weddings and family photographs.
You have every opportunity to make your own / customer's personal choice of model,
color, material size and thickness on the sides all to get that luxurious and exclusive feel.


The latest categories are the ECO line a category of books covered with recycled paper and a paper consisting of 50% seagrass.
Do you belong to the photographers who deliver slideshows or movies?
Then there is LCD an album with a built-in LCD that holds 4gb of software that plays your movie. </ P>


We are known for our Photo Books, and…

We keep the service as high as we can, which exceeds the expectations of many photographers.
Here we present our various quality books so that you can make up your own mind.
We have been working with exclusive, handmade photo albums for photographers since 2009, expanding our way of helping photographers in different ways.
Extremaalbum offers beautifully printed, handmade photo books and albums, book, photo and USB cases, folios, prints, wall art and canvas.
V at Extremalbum also offers its own tools that help you design fantastic photo books easily and at no extra cost.
One of the 5 services we offer is E-book read more about the services here!

Izabela & Magnus

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