Studio Art the beautiful book for the finest memories

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November 15, 2022
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November 15, 2022

Studi Art

An absolutely priceless Fine Art book.

Number of materials:

The outside in textile, vinyl or photo.


30x30cm, 25x25cm, 20x20cm, 15x15cm.
Portrait 30x22 cm, 30x25 cm, 20x15.
horizontal 25x30 cm, 20x30 cm, 20x25 cm, 15x20 cm

Number of spreads from 5 to 20 pcs

Paper choice:

We have four fine art papers you can choose from.
Are you wondering what most people choose? - Munken.
The sides will be approx. 0.6 mm thick.


You will find Studio Art under Albums


We have bargained on the price but not the quality!
The books are bound and have a guarantee on the binding.

Studio Art has header bands just like the standard books.


You can get these books in 6 different designs.

Pictures of Studio Art.

Price comparison:

Features and price level.


You deliver JPG in RGB or sRGB
RGB provides more colors and higher contrasts, which is why most people deliver sRGB.

Other information:

The most common sizes in mm and px and good advice.
Safety margin, miss DPI, file format, color profiles, etc

Learn more about this.

FAQ: Studio Art

Vilken är den vanligaste pappersvalet?
- Många väljer Munken pappret.
Vilket är det vanligaste materialet för pärmarna?
- Linne / Canvas.
Vilken tjocklek brukar man välja på kärnorna?
- det går ej att välja.
Albumen börjar med ett särskilt papper vilken färg väljer flest?
- Vitt.
Vilken storlek är vanligast?
- För närvarande 25x25.
Hur många uppslag beställer genomsnitts fotografen?
- Ca 16.
Om man vill ha en text på framsidan hur gör fotografer då?
- Dom skriver in texten i orderformuläret.

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