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November 4, 2019
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January 9, 2020


Optimize, don’t Minimize - SpaceSaver.

SpaceSaver. Reduce file size, not image quality.
Work Smarter Lighter-weight files ensure faster websites, uploads, and file transfers.
Export Sizes. Create multiple versions of the same file, all in one process .
Drag and Drop. Simply drag and drop files onto your dock icon SpaceSaver will get to work.
64 bit. Modern architecture that won’t leave you stranded For Mac and Windows
Multi-Core. SpaceSaver's multi-thread processing gives you maximum processing power.
Auto Export. Auto-export provides one-step processing Simply drag and drop.
Smart Logs. Session logs give a full report of any import or export issues.
Save Options. Save your exported image files right where you want them.
Available for. Mac and PC.
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Optimize, don’t Minimize

SpaceSaver reduces the file size of high-resolution Jpeg files while protecting the image quality of the photos,
giving you optimal images to use either in print and online.
This means shorter upload times, faster page loads, and more free space on your hard drives!