We do the design for you and you get the profit.

We have now decided to help you get the albums designed approved and sold.

Do you think it is slow to sell photo books to your customers?
We take care of it for you and you keep the profits.

In summary

You send us the files using some services to us
you can use any of these, so we will get it by mail.
We want your mail to design@photoever.se
In the email you must tell contact info about your customer name,
mobile number, e-mail and postal address.

Do you have any wishes, size, number of pages, and material outside and inside. or if you let us agree on it with your customer
If you want your company logo on the book tell us.
You also tell us what you think the book should cost your customer.

We will design with Zalamo and handle all communication with your customer.

We will work under the name Photoever and link there, to communicate with your customer.

Send your files to us

In order for us to receive your files, you must use a service that allows you to also write who you are and whom we should contact to help you design and deliver the book to your customer.
Wetransfer, Dropbox, Sprend, These are three services we have come across but you may have one you like. You send to: design@photoever.se
(You cannot upload the files to our lab's server for this service.)

It is important that you give us as much information as possible, partly about what you think the customer wants and how you want us to present your pictures.

Our responsibility is to help you and your customer so everything flows as smoothly as possible.
Have you not Intend to sell photo books to your customers you can onely win, if we sell books for you. If we have sold the book and the customer paid, we will charge you for the design and customer contact for you.

The exterior materials

We will suggest and display materials and colors available on.
Photoever (we don't want private individuals here or to our order page.)
The site Photoever is also for your customers to have knowledge of products.

Here you can also refer customers to view products and materials.

Our experience says, as you probably know, that linen is a very popular material.
But since a short time ago, nubuk has become increasingly popular.

Place our Photoever badgets on your side.


When we design, we show your customer the design and give them the opportunity to have opinions.
If they want something to be retouched, we will contact you who delivered the image file, and you may do the retouching.
Please note we will not work with the files either retouching or color calibration, and you must deliver all of the same color profile.
When we are ready and in agreement with your customer, we will bill your customer for the photo book.
When we have the payment, we order the book and deliver it to the customer if you do not want to send it from you.
If the customer does not want any book: Then we have not succeeded and will not bill you as a photographer anything.

Production can start

Now we have been paid by your customer and we order the book based on how the customer wants his book.
We have also tried to sell a text on the front and a case, to increase the profit margin for you.

We then send our order confirmation to you, so you know the amount the book costs.


Now we have come so far that the book is finished, then the lab will send it to us and we will pass it on to your customer or you if you wish.
In each book we put a card which tell how to take care of the photo book.
If you want a greeting from you in the book, you can send it to us.
Extremaalbum Photoever AB
Gjutaregatan 16
666 30 Bengtsfors.

Now to the fun.

When we have been paid by your customer the amount you wanted. or more
Ordered the book and sent you a copy of the order you now take your price minus the book cost and SEK 1250 for our job and postage.
You will invoice us for the purchase of digital files.
We commit to using only the files to design photo books, with the help of Zalamo.
After all, we will send you the design and remove all files from our computer and Zalamo.

A small calculation:
6000Sek the price your customer pays.
1750 SEK the price you pay for the book.
1250 SEK the price for our help ..
Your profit on the book you did not intend to sell 3000Sek.