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Design tips

1 Design tips: "Avoid the fold"
To avoid the fold in photo books never design over the center. Choose how to place pictures if you pass fold, it is never good to have a fold on a face, and if you order studioline colors give a blue faint line, fine art gets fiber rise in the crease. If you want to design over fold, use as bright images as possible to eliminate problems.
2 Design tips: "Divorce"
Do not create "divorces" in the design. It is not professional and does not get neat, and if possible, never put the face over the fold, that's not flattering. If you place the bridal couple on the right, the eye will look for the next page and you want to turn the page. Here are the couple to the left and you look to the left and it takes a little while before you want to turn the page.
3 Design Tips: Marginal & Speed
Margin: You see a line around the workspace it indicates that it is safe to design inside the line. Bleed: If you are to have a bleeding image you pull all the way out do not stay halfway, about 3 mm around disappear in production. Here we want to show what happens when things go or look out of the book, the eye wants to go to the next page.
always try to design towards the middle of the book to get the reader to "read" your book long!
The longer your "reader" stays, the greater the impression and value it gets.
A design that makes you want to stay in a spread and remembering is a good design.

Photoshop tips

1 Photoshop tips: Front page text.
Open Photoshop and create a new document. We create a 25x25 cm = 254x508 mm - Pixlar: 6000 X 3000 / 300 dpi.
and have a white background and give it its name it "front". To mark the center, we create two guidelines. We do not need to measure but write 50% first vertically and then horizontally. Now we see where we have the center, and choose the text tool. Choose the font you want, you might have a favorite you bought, it's not a problem. When the graphic artist in the lab does the text, it is read in as an image regardless of which method we should write with, laser, UV or stamp to get the right size of the capital letter you make it 43 pixels or 1.5 cm high. also choose if you want left-hand text or center set. Switch to Path selector toll on left side mark Auto-Selekt and Show Transform Controls, at the top, so you can now move the text so you get it in the center, or if you want to put the bottom line on the horizontal line, a matter of taste. When you are done you save it as a PDF and preferably in a layer, then the graphics will be a little extra happy for you. Save in a large size for printing.
2 Design tipps: Crop.
Open the image in Ps, select the crop / cropping tool. We will make a landscape image 21x15cm Enter the dimensions and leave everything in auto in the settings Right-click and select crop / crop Go to Image / Image select image size / image size Your picture now has the right proportions but we want it in the right size, Then enter 21x15 and that it should be cm in the bottom half of the dialog box. and 300 pixels and OK. Now the picture has shrunk and you can see on the rulers that it has the right dimensions. Save as! Do you have a better smarter method? tell me This is Adobe Photoshop CS6 which I think is equivalent to CC Therefore, I chose to show in CS6 I normally work in Adobe Photoshop CS4 so you may have a better way.

Uploading files

1 Filezilla
For connection to the FTP server: If you use Mac or PC we recommend Filezilla You can download it directly from Filezilla. Step 1 Once you have installed and started the program, choose from the top field the FTP icon, or File / Location Manager. Step 2 The window displays the location manager. Click the "New Connection" button.

Step 3 A new window appears. Rename the new location to Extremaalbum.
Port: should be empty
Login type: normal:
User: The username you used to register
Password: The password you used to register.
After all necessary data approve with OK Steg 4 Öpna platshanteraren igen, (steg 2).
När du skapar en ny anslutning visas i listan till vänster.
Välj den och tryck på knappen "Connect"
Step 5 When you connect to the server, you have your computer in the left half and our server in the right half.
Step 6 Locate your files you can take the whole card and drag it over the center and release.
At the bottom of the left corner you can see how the files are being loaded to the server.
Step 7 After transferring all files, write what the folder is named as you uploaded to the order, There is a special box for it in the order form.
2 Pydio

Log in to pydio with the same username and password as on our order page.

Right-click in the middle and create a folder giving it a name, that is the name you write in your order.

Right-click and upload your files.

Our company's house

1 Holiday or workshop.
Near the center of Bengtsfors / Dalsland, with walking distance to the center.
About 9 miles to Halden in Norway.
2.6 miles to Håverud and 0.8 miles to Baldersnäs manor.
If you have a boat you can come here at Dalslandskanal. In our showroom we hold workshops and show products. We have 5 beds in the house, two of which are the sofa in our showroom.
Do you want to come ? Read more
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