Stamp – front possibilities

UV – front possibilities
October 31, 2019
Laser – front possibilities
October 31, 2019

Getting the text with a stamp takes a little longer, as we first have to make a cliche. You can get stamped without or with foil. Gold, Silver, White and Brown. you look at the sample in love next to it without foil and with brown foil.
One advantage of stamping is that it only costs a little extra to get the case stamped with the same stamp.More about how to order here.

4,8 x 7,8 cm  Is the standard size and costs 285 SEK Stamp When the size passes 40 square centimeter each square centimeter costs € 10 extra. Example: The text is 17x3 cm = 51 cm in square which is 11 above standard and the costs € 110 is extra

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