February 25, 2019
February 25, 2019

Ftp Software

Deliver image files with Pydio / FTPBooks.

Pydio / FTPBooks Send files easily to the lab.
Step:1 For connection to the FTP server: you can use Pydio
Pydio is programmed and ready..
Step:2 Enter your username and password, the same as you registered on the order page,
Step:3 Right click in the middle field and create a folder giving it a unique name that you then type in the box on the order form..
Step:4 Double click on the folder so you enter it.
Step:5 Right-click and go to the files to upload..
Step:6 When all files are uploaded, you can return to the order page
Pydio Pydio.

If you have just changed the login to the order page,
it is a new login to Pydio E-mail + password.