Our company

We work closely together with the lab.


We are a Swedish company that works in a wide way.


This page is created by us to view
and tell you more about our products than on the order page.
See it as an inspiration page with tips and trix.

You can also see it as a picture bank,
you can click pictures and download to
use them to show your customers how material
texts and models can look like mm

Do you have pictures of your products as they pass us?
Let us know and we'll fix it before we send forth.

We will also have a part with login where we can write
about prices, etc."Private"


This is the page where you place your orders with us.
Do you have problems or questions?
Contact Magnus via messenger he responds as soon as he can.
Or via JivoChaten here on the page.

During 2019 there will be several updates on the order page
a page that we are not responsible for but we have a certain influence

Our responsibility is to help you and the lab so everything flows as smoothly as possible.
We take this very seriously and have a continuous contact with the lab.
You "speak" in English and we speak in Polish with the lab,
in this way we eliminate linguistic misunderstandings.


We have a page for you as a photographer,
a page to be seen and get customers. It's called Photoever.se
The site is also for your customers to have knowledge of the products.
A customer who knows what it wants is a comfortable customer.
Here you can refer customers to see products and materials.

Today it costs a thousand kronor to be a member the first year,
We then place you in your country, with links image and short text.
We have also created a map with all the photographers
even there you can have pictures, but also movies.
On the site, only members can blog, but everyone can advertise.
You can even have our badgets on your site,
then we and Google happy!


Blogging and creating relationships with readers. is exciting.
We blog on Nouw which then links to Bloglovin
When we blog, we also spread it in different groups on Facebook
for greater reach.
In these places we write about us, the products,
our house and we borrow pictures from The Photoever blog.
On the Photoever blog, we will not blog,
but blogs exclusively, photographers who are on the site.
The fact that we blog in these channels means that we distribute
links to you and Photoever, which is valuable.

Social Media

On social media, we are, and depending on which,
we talk to your customers or to you.
Linkedin Here we talk to photographers.
Twitter Even here we talk to you as a photographer.
Facebook page Extremaalbum Here we inform and share news to photographers
The Facebook group Extremaalbum Here we talk to photographers
Instagram / Extremaalbum. We share photos on Instagram and tag first and foremost with #extremaalbum #baraförfotografer, you are welcome to comment, tag and spread to other photographers.
Instagram Photoever. We share photos on Instagram and tags first and foremost with
#photoever and #findyourphotographer, you are welcome to comment and tag
Photoever on Facebook A page where we talk to customers for photographers and we would like to have contributions from photographers it can be nice pictures, awards, offers etc.

We think the best and most fun way is to grow together.
On which platform do you want to follow us?


We send out newsletters a little now and then.
Everyone who signs up on our order page Extremaalbum.com we add to our mail register if you do not want the newsletters you can easily deregister.
We promise to be better at newsletter something we certainly all aspire but we have a plan and we hope you will find useful newsletters.
Also on the order side, you will find the newsletters as well.

Here on this page we will write about products and news etc.
At the bottom of the page it is possible to subscribe to getting the blog posts via email.


A page with login to enable us to show prices and tell secrets.
Contact us at the page's JivoChat in the lower right corner
If we are online, you will receive an immediate answer
Tell who you are and with your organization number, website.
Then you immediately get the password to "Private"