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March 21, 2019
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March 20, 2019

Text / Monogram

There are three different methods for getting text on the front and back.

Number of inscription methods.

You can personalize books with three different methods. Stamp - without or with foil. Gold / Silver / Brown UV - available in White / Black / Brown. Laser - Has no color choice the color it gets is individual.
Sizes 5 x 8 cm  Is the standard size and costs 285 SEK Stamp
When the size passes 40 square centimeter
each square centimeter costs € 10 extra.
Example: The text is 17x3 cm = 51 cm in square which is 11 above standard
and the costs € 110 is extra
/ 95 Sek / UV /75 Sek Laser
Choice of method We want to announce that different materials and colors are suitable for different methods.
Options As an option you can write with UV in white, black, brown, or laser and then you have no color choices. With stamp without or with foil. Gold, Silver, Brown.
Larger "texts" If you would like help with the text / monogram or cost proposals for a larger "text" contact us.
Inspiration. Proposal for monogram.

Black Friday men inte bara en dag

Black Friday but not just one day!
will be able to keep prices down in the future.

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