Monogram that fits well for laser.

1Monogram that fits well for laser.

Monograms that fit well for UV

1 Monograms that fit well for UV

Templates for 402-403f

1 MTemplates for 402-403f

USB etui photo

1Templates for the USB box
Designing and making the cases more personal than with pictures, probably doesn't, but you need these templates.
Download templates here.

Reference file for screen calibration

1Reference file for screen calibration
Reference pictures can be requested for screen calibration, images are printed on Fuji paper Silk for visual comparison and calibration of the display.
Also on request, samples printed on FUJI Silk or FUJI Pearl are sent from your file for visual comparison and calibration of the monitor.

» reference_file1.jpg.
» reference_file2.jpg.
» reference_file3.jpg.
» reference_file4.jpg.

Color profiles

1 Color profiles
» Chromira Glossy.
» Chromira Lustre.
» Chromira Metallic.
» Chromira Silk.

ICC colour profiles for the FUJI DP II papers Extremaalbums colour profiles

All photos and printouts to photoalbums are exposed on the best available photographic paper Fuji DP II Silk, Pearl /metallic/, Glossy and Luster. Characteristics of this paper cleaner whites, deeper black and better so called "Difficult colours" red, yellow and green. Files are exposed in special ICC profile, so we get the accurate exact colouristic projections of the pictures. If requested, we can correct files in terms of colour and density

To have a comparison of your files visible on the screen with those printed on the paper we created colour profiles for all types of paper that we use. After conversion of the file to a given profile you will see exactly how your files will look like after exposure.

Download colour profiles »
Installation of profiles
After downloading, a profile should be copied to a catalogue: C:\WINDOWS\system32\spool\drivers\color and then click on the profile with a right mouse button and choose an option Install profile

Converting files to a profile
To convert a file to the downloaded profile:

§ Open a file (spread) in Adobe Photoshop
§ Find option convert to profile - (depending on the version the option is in the menu Edit or View)
§ In the window Target Area select profile downloaded from the website and then Method of conversion – Perceptional or Relative colourimetric. Other options should be left unchanged

Reference file for monitor calibration

We also have for you a reference file for "optic" calibration of your monitor, which has been exposed on Fuji Silk pape.
Comparing of ready printout with downloaded file will allow you judge the colour and density accuracy between the files and in case calibrate your monitor.

Pergaminepaper on the first pages of a photo book.

1 Frosted see through paper
How to prepare a pergamine design.
The size of the writing surface of the pergamine is equal to half the area of the spread.
When creating the first spread, leave the left side without images.

On the right side and right of the center (center point of the spread) leave at least 15 mm white space, then start your design. (according to the finished templates).

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