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May 20, 2019
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July 18, 2019
en pojke tittar i fotoböcker från Photoever

Visnings album 30% hos Extremaalbum

Studiosample / Display ex. Every year, as our customer, you get three books and three cases with 30%!
But you must enter the code when ordering, we cannot give the discount retroactively.
You can find the code under the Info tab and then Premium and discounts. (PHEV2018)

In these pictures, Cohlin looks at books that are 30x30 which is the smallest size we consider for the studio sample,
you may not sell a 30x30 at once but many 25x25.

Since we customers want to buy something that we think has a better price.
(It always feels good to make a good deal) If you show 25x25 books, you will probably sell more 20x20 than 25x25 ....

en pojke tittar i fotoböcker från Photoever
en pojke tittar i fotoböcker från Photoever

Photoever.se the page that explains to your customer what you can deliver.

You can use this page to show and explain to your customers so they become knowledgeable about the products.
A customer who knows what it wants is an easier customer to talk to.
If you miss something tell us, then we can make the page even better!
Give us blog material we will help you be seen.

Izabela& Magnus

You must not fold the cover as Cohlin does in the picture !   🙂

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