Do you want to blog?
May 13, 2019
en pojke tittar i fotoböcker från Photoever
Studiosample 30%
May 23, 2019
Do you want to blog?
May 13, 2019
en pojke tittar i fotoböcker från Photoever
Studiosample 30%
May 23, 2019

We have made a collaboration with Vanimeli who gives you 50% on a product from their side.
Do you want to celebrate our 10 years as a supplier and get customers to your studio?
Through our channels we will market "the party" Vanimeli will send out newsletters and tell!
If you send out a newsletter, you now have a good reason!
Or do as you write on Facebook.

You who are on our side will of course have an advantage when we refer to the page to find his photographer. We will also contact some photographers who will be mentioned in the VaniMeli newsletter.

This is how it works.
  1. Buy an optional product from VaniMeli  we have a code that gives 50%!
  2. Photograph children up to about 7 years old with parents or mother / father parents.
  3. Give away a 13x18cm picture.
  4. Create a use agreement you saw as a photographer, VaniMeli AB Org.number: 559061-2163
    och Extremaalbum Photoever AB.Org.nummer: 556888-0859
    Where it is clear that we can freely use the pictures in our operations.
  5. Deliver images that are signed, tagged etc. together with the use agreements to us.

Pictures will be used on Instagram (Vanimeli has about 23t faithful followers), Facebook and websites.images tagged with @vanimeli - #vanimeli - @photoever_fotobooks - #hittadinfotograf - #photoever and your favorites.

In this way, we hope to be able to help you with new customers and "free" marketing, if we succeed in this, new opportunities will come.Izabela and Magnus

We also want more than happy to have pictures and a little text for the  Photoever blog.

  • FAQ.
    How does the offer look to the customer? You can find the offer to the customer here.
    Why give away a picture? - One way to attract the customer, you as a photographer decides how to do it.
    A use agreement? - So we can all use pictures in our businesses win - win.
    Do I as a photographer have to send you image files? - No there are no musts, and if your customer says no then it is no.
    Who will win on this? - YOU, it is for your sake we are trying to attract customers to you, then we get pictures to use, we are happy but as I said no must.

    At the end of May beginning of June, VaniMeli will send out a newsletter and we have created an event on facebook among other things. And you can spread the offer the way you want. the page that explains to your customer what you can deliver.
The page can be used to show and explain to your customers so they become knowledgeable about the products.
A customer who knows what it wants is an easier customer to talk to.

You tell us something so we make the page even better! Izabela & Magnus

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