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Now! Fundy Designer V10
January 9, 2020
Almost a 10.
January 21, 2020
Now! Fundy Designer V10
January 9, 2020
Almost a 10.
January 21, 2020

Beställ visnings album i den storlek du drömmer om att sälja.

When ordering display books buy large!

You've heard it before, you sell what you show!

So you should show big and with many spreads, you may be doubtful that you can sell?
But one day the customer will want it, you will not sell a book that is 30x30 if you have shown a 25x25!
If you have, for example, a 30x30, your customers can bargain for a size smaller, they feel satisfied and they have made a good deal which is important, but "nobody" will ask for a bigger photo book.

With 30% you do not have to bargain on your display books, and you also get 30% on cases for the display books.Haven't you sold any cases?
It may be because you do not show and tell about the importance of storing the books properly.

Our recommendations and sales argument to you is that the photo books should be stored in a case,
or standing together with other books in a bookshelf, not standing diagonally or partially open.
But the best thing you understand is if it is well protected, and dark in a case.
We have redesigned the Model 510 with stronger walls some time ago, this is what you should show or why not invest in the attaché case!

To further allow your customer to understand that their book on the child, children, family, etc., or the wedding book,
has several values and should be treated with care there is a card with instructions in all books.

Order now when it's low season so you have time to do something really impressive at a great price, to show your customers.

30% with the code PHEV2018, 3 books & 3 cases, don't forget the code we can't give it retroactively.
Wedding albums / Wedding books can never be too big!
You should never bargain on photographers or books.
Visa bok
Small books show small pictures and grandpa & grandma
have a hard time seeing, but of course a great product.

Wedding Charm Bundle

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Wedding Charm Bundle

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Order Studio Sample but do not forget the code PHEV 2018 otherwise you do not have your 30% we can not enter it afterwards.

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