Not only books
April 1, 2022
April 28, 2022
Not only books
April 1, 2022
April 28, 2022


If you want, you don't need to create a PDF for the names, year and date.


Just choose the font and write on as many lines as you want.


personalisering-01 linne

Personalization method

Next to the material sample there is a table,
There it is marked out of visible what happens with the different methods.
And which color suits best.
personalisering-01 nubuk

Which method looks best

Red cross means it doesn't work.
Yellow means details/thin lines are lost.
While green is what is recommended.

How visible it will be is marked when you choose material and color


Placement of text / monogram

Select the place where your project should be placed.

Choose method / technique for your text.

In this case, we chose UV and on the material we chose, all colors are clearly visible.
You can see which method and color suits your choice in the table when you make the material selection.


Select Text or Your project

The text you write is what the lab reads and writes on your book / case / foil gift.
( you should not send a PDF )
Do you have a monogram or want the text slightly above the center? Then you mark your own project. You make a PDF and send it to us. Later in the comments, tell us what your PDF is called and where it is.

Select the font you want.

Then write text on lines one, two and three, if you only want to have one line change in the drop-down on the right.
As you can see, row one is with a slightly larger font.


Own project - PDF in layers

At the end of the form, the summary at the bottom, you write that you uploaded a PDF.
If you are really careful, you create an EPS file, it is better and scalable.
If the personalization is to be on a 25x25 book, make the file in that size and in 300 dpi.
Then you and the lab will see how big it will be and the location.

All colors

Yes, you can write with UV in all colors. Click the button below to read more.
More about UV
The order page is not yet mobile friendly.
But you can set your browser to 50%.

Or turn the mobile horizontally.

Here we give tips on how to order correctly.
Our discount on studio samples does not only apply to books.
Izabela & Magnus


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