Headband / Kapitalband, Have you heard these words?

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Have you heard the word headband / kapital?

On almost all of our photo books we have a headband / kapitalband, in a matching color to the material of the covers.
But what is a headband / kapitalband and why?
Here in the pictures you see a photo book I “slaughtered” to show the headband / kapitalband,
there is one at the top and one at the bottom of the block of the book.
Before we mount the band, we also have a weave on this book white, so it may not be visible so well,
but in the short film the fabric is black.
Then you put the headband / kapitalband there partly to give the book a little finishing touch.
But also so that the book will last for many, many years.
Compared to other suppliers and e.g. pocket books, they are only glued in the back.

The books we do not glue are Story books but please note the traditional photo albums have headband / kapitalband.

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