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April 16, 2019
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Paper selection Fine Art

Paper with extra feeling.

Number of paper choices.

Fine Art paper
Manufacturer Hahnemühle, Canon, Munken & Rives
Categories We offer 4 different paper choices.
Characteristics The paper has different properties, different surfaces and structures,
after the pictures are printed, they are sealed with a thin, thin layer of wax.
The papers have different gram weights and thicknesses, we do Fine Arts books with a single core.
Fine Art / Art Paper Fine Art or art paper usually offers the longest archival durability compared to other papers,
with persistence of images that are often approaching or even exceeding - 100 years of pigment inks.
The term "Fine Art" seems to suggest that only large works of art can be printed on these papers,
But of course that is not the case. Artist paper is often thicker and heavier than plain paper,
with a variety of surface structures including smooth, satin, velvet and watercolor. As a rule, it is more expensive than regular paper.
Chemical paper is the best choice if you want an economical paper with the smoothest surface and the best photographic representation.
Choose artist paper when you want the texture on the surface to give a certain feeling / characteristic to the image,
or if you simply want the paper to feel more luxurious in a potential customer's hands.
One advantage is that many of the artist's papers now compete with the best chemical papers in the form of photographic reproduction.
Terminology A number of terms are used to describe the properties of paper.
Weight is generally expressed in grams per square meter (gsm or g / m2).
This is simply the weight in grams of a hypothetical square meter of a particular paper.
A heavier paper feels stronger, but it doesn't guarantee better print quality.
The thickness of a paper is indicated in mils (thousands of inches).
A thicker paper also feels heavier and can often handle larger color amounts, although it is the same weight as a thinner paper.
Finally, paper surfaces are described with terms such as smooth, satin or velvet.
Smooth paper has little to no surface texture, while satin paper has a soft, and velvet paper tends to be a bit coarser.
Pictures and info Pictures and texts about the papers.

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