Choose fine art paper

Here we have a presentation of the fine art photo papers,
we have in our books.
Making the papers look and feel is not easy.
Even colors are difficult because even screens do not show justice.
But click on the pictures for larger pictures where we bend the paper a little
to create a certain feeling.
Do you wonder which one we sell most of is the answer Munken,
but many have Cannon or Hahnemühle in their viewing books.

Hahnemuhle mat fine art photo rag bright white.

Photo Rag® Bright Whiteis the first choice for all users who prefer a special light white cotton paper.
Photo Rag® Bright White is perfect for reproducing high contrast images.
Paper is a living material and, even gives the spectator a visual experience beyond the ordinary.
Digital FineArt Collection Photo Rag® Bright White Matt FineArt – smooth 310 gsm, 100% Cotton, bright white

Description of product Photo Rag ® Bright White - en 100%Cotton paper with a smooth surface texture - guarantees archival standards.
With its premium matte inkjet coating Photo Rag ® Bright White meets the highest industry standards in terms of density, color gamut, color grading and image sharpness while providing the special touch and feel of genuine art paper.

Benefits, whiteness, long-term image stability and accurate color reproduction.
The paper weighs 310g pages with this paper being 1.2mm.

Canon smoth photo rag.

The highest quality of paper Photo Rag Smooth matte, smooth, white paper made from 100% cotton.
Great for reproducing photos or prints of photography, portraits. Acid-free paper, pH 7.9-8.5, without optical brighteners weighing 310g.

Usage: Fingerprints on the material can have a negative effect on the print, so we recommend the use of gloves when browsing the album.
The paper weighs 310g pages with this paper being 1.2mm.


Really good printing requires really good design paper.
The uncoated and rugged yet soft surface combined with the distinctly clear white hue of
The Munk Polar Rough highlights images in a clear and precise way.
The result is a print with an exclusive and at the same time truly natural feeling that invites you to touch.
Thanks to high bulk, you can choose a lower surface weight with retained thickness and stability for best results.
Arctic Paper Munkedals In Munkedal, about 10 km north of Gothenburg, is one of the most beautiful paper mills in the world.

FSCTM – The mark of responsible forestry. FSC-C022692 och PEFC certifierade.
The paper weighs 170g pages with this paper being 0.7mm.


The paper is composed of a mixture of short- and long-fiber chemical pulp and coarse pulp.
Calcium carbonate is used as a filler.

The colors chalk white, natural white, ivory and vanilla yellow are neutral glue. Other colors acid-glued.
Arjo Wiggins Fine Papers, France. The mill is certified according to ISO 9002.
The paper weighs 170g pages with this paper being 0.7mm.

Sidornas tjocklek.

Studioline is only available with pages that are about 03mm,
Standard is available with 0.6 / 0.9 / 1.2 and 2mm thick pages depending on the size of the book.
Fineart has the following thicknesses
Hahnemühle 1.2 / Tinteretto 0.9 / Monks 0.7 / Fauna 0.6mm,
Photo books with passport parts are available with black or white pp. you must use our templates.
StoryBook has no cores and is not designed pages are 170 - 160 gr