OKS G11 H – New model.

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October 7, 2019
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October 9, 2019

A new model in the Galant category.

This model belongs to the Standard books in the category Galant and is made in 8 sizes.
The model is made as the more luxurious Frorence Where the front material is folded backwards before the back.
The front is dominated by a large image and the material is folded and sewn both above and below the image.

The models group gallant have padding in the binders and are a bit soft.
This model OKS G11 H  available in Nubuk or New Leatherette.
These are the sizes the model is made in and the dimensions of the image for the front.

20x20 cm - image for the front 12x19 cm, 25x25 cm - image for the front 15x24 cm, 30x30 cm - image for the front 18x29 cm,
20x30 cm - image for the front 12x29 cm, 30x40 cm - image for the front 18x39 cm, 25x38 cm - image for the front 15x37 cm,
25x35  cm - image for the front 15x34 cm, 35x35 cm - image for the front 21x34 cm.

The material on the pink NKB317 Dark Pink book is Nubuk  and on the yellow it is NU204 also this, a Nubuk material.

Welcome to our order page Extremaalbum.com

OKS G11 H – Soft cover, sewn, with a horizontal image in the middle of the cover see it on the order page.

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