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July 18, 2019
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July 26, 2019
Your order history
July 18, 2019
Getting paid
July 26, 2019

I'm back with a millennium Smile

Almost 15 years ago, I inherited our company and there among two Hasselblad equipment.
One was purchased in 1999-2000 Complete with Lindahl's compendium and flash, three lenses and one X 2 distance,
Also believe the film magazines, it was an offer since it was the millennium model.
Our third largest investment over the years.
Before that, we had bought a compact machine with developing and printing from Noritsu, a few years later we bought an almost new
Noritsu printer and developer machine a purchase of almost one million Swedish kronor to be able to develop aps rolls
and the mid-sized negatives from our studio.

I have not had the heart to sell our fine millennium Hasselblad camera,
hoping to one day be able to buy a back my wallet can afford.
Now there is a possibility ..  
I'm Back, have done so and now we are convinced that this kick-start project will get many buyers.
So from spring 2020 when my millennium Hasselbladare turns 20, it will be re-used in a new and exciting way.

It will probably be the most environment and nature pictures but also product images in our studio on products
from Extremaalbum, albums, cases for albums, pictures, usb mm.

I send a big thank you to Samuel Mello Medeiros, and Filippo Nishino, from "I'm Back,
for now, finally after about 15 years of waiting, to both be able to film and take digital pictures with my klenod.

Do you also have a medium format camera?

Here you can read more and order!

In, m Back has a 16 megapixel sensor.

In 2004, we replaced our Hasselblad with a Kodak DCS Pro 14n,
which was one of the most high definition cameras in the market with its 14 megapixels.
So I, m back has more pixels and can also make movies, yet I do not see this as a replacement
for our system camera today which has far much more pixels and much larger ISO range.

But a 15 year old dream is about to come true! / Magnus


  1. Hello everybody! If you want to see more photos (some in RAW), post some here. Hope you like it. It’s not a $ 15,000 digital back, but you’re sure to have fun, and with little! 😉 I’m Back®.

    • Magnus says:

      Thanks for linking to pictures and also a movie.
      We can’t wait until we get a digital back in our hands and can again use our Hasselblad,
      this is fantastic thanks Samuel Mello Medeiros and the I, m back team.

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