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April 15, 2020
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May 12, 2020

Give a second life to your vintage analog photo camera,!

take it out from the shelf or box and start shooting digital photos and video! 

I remember the time when we were struggling to get the F4 from Nikon and the good fortune to finally be able to buy it, besides with the winder,
an engine that pulled out the movie so he took pictures quickly.
Give your vintage analog photo camera a new life, take it off the shelf or box and start taking digital photos and videos!

Now you can use your old analog camera, which is probably lost somewhere in a box or ended up in your little "personal museum" and collects dust!
We are now in the digital age and are ready to give it a new life with this only cheap digital back cover available in the market!

Four years have passed since the first prototype of I'm Back®35 was realized through a simple 3D printer. Many believed in this project and supported us since the beginning. And thanks to all our backers I'm Back®35 became true. It's also thanks to the massive feedback from our supporter and together with hard work that I'm Back®35 is evolving and improved significantly since the first version.

We now are proud to present to you the new "I'm Back®35" edition, which brings with it great changes and not only a completely new design, inspired by the old "motor drivers" but a revised and modern shape.

The main innovation nevertheless, is the software, that gives now the possibility to take photos with the MANUAL mode, leaving the user full control of the shutter speed and the diaphragm aperture of the camera. I'm Back®35 will then record the images as it was set through the analog camera!

"The only digital back that pairs with analog cameras.
In manual or automatic mode, it gives a shot to their desire for fantasy!
Set photos or videos, I'm Back®35 records everything as you decide.
You can also afford erroneous exposure ... or not!

With his new "universal cover " I'm Back®35 pairs with almost all the most famous analog cameras.

New technology. New and more ergonomic design. New battery with high performance. I'm Back®35. Because the pleasure of photography has no age."

Read more and book your back piece on  Kickstarter. - Also visit I'm Back  website.

Extremaalbum are available in several places, and we want you to like and share we need all the help we can get just like you.

PhotoWhoa introduces a whole new package - 1001 Premium Photoshop brushes.

Watch a short video, to get an idea, before you buy.

1001 Photoshop brushes in ARB format. Compatibility with Adobe Photoshop CS4 or higher and Photoshop Elements.
A standard extended license that allows both personal and commercial use.
Compatibility with Mac and PC devices. 60 extra Photoshop skin brushes as a bonus.

Instant download with a click of lifetime access. 30-day refund policy.

Beautiful, young elf, walking with a unicorn. She is wearing an
Romantic style portrait of an elegant couple
Couple in love hugs and kisses in fabulous mountains in nature.
Are you a creative photographer who loves Photoshop?
Here we recommend a little free material!
35 and I’m back
Are you a creative photographer who loves Photoshop
Here we recommend a little free material!
Are you a creative photographer who loves Photoshop
Here we recommend a little free material!
Are you a creative photographer who loves Photoshop?
Here we recommend some free material !

Their Back® 35 – new version with manual priority function!
Analog to digital as a movie! Manually adjust your camera and click! Now you have control over everything.

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