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4 Nubuk colors added
November 7, 2019
Space-saving software
November 15, 2019
4 Nubuk colors added
November 7, 2019
Space-saving software
November 15, 2019

At the lab.

We visited the photo book factory.

We weren't so much into production, we were mostly in the office discussing.

Where are we going and what do we do tomorrow and how do we do it best together.
I Magnus is not very good at Polish, but Izabela who is from Poland is phenomenal.

You probably understand that language is important in communication and that you understand each other
also culturally and that is where a large part of our strength is - communication.

I have been investing in communicating with you our customers, for example through Jivochat for example, on this site, which proved to be fantastic "talk" probably about 45% with you today through Jivochat.
That's why we also have Jivochat on several pages today, even on my page as a photographer.
Here you can read a little more about Jivochat on our blog.

extremaalbum labet1

The production.

Here you can see how photo books are produced.

You have probably already seen this movie, it has been on this website
since we were in Cologne on Photokina.
If not, take a look it is not long.

Materials & colors

We have Europe's largest range of materials and colors.

Some time ago Nubuk was launched which has been a success we had some colors from the start
to know what you photographers liked, we immediately had to increase the number of colors and this week, four more came.
So now we have 24 different colors, with this material we have improved the wooden cases for albums so now they are dressed with Nubuk inside.

On the blue photo book here with the whiskey glass, Nubuk NKJ338Navy Blue is stamped with gold finishing.
Lasers on this material will also be fantastic, and that is why we will soon make an offer.
Keep an eye out for our newsletter coming soon in your mailbox!

extremaalbum labet5

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We had a holiday a couple of weeks ago something you probably didn’t notice, because Magnus can’t help but respond to messages.

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