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September 3, 2019
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September 5, 2019

In order to shop on our order page we require a tax number, so you must have your own company.
You can have individual company Handelsbolag or limited company it does not matter.
Perhaps most common among all our customers is an individual company .

Why only photographers with companies you might wonder?
Well, we are struggling to help our clients (photographers with companies)
Being a photographer has probably never been as tough as it is today, it costs money and it is a tough competition.
You should know so much more today than just a few years ago, so we just want to sell to you who are really investing.
And that is why we are in many places perhaps one of the largest sites we have created itself
There all photographers can buy a place and very happy to contribute to the blog with fantastic pictures and text.
The Photoever page is to help your customers know what they can expect from you and find you!

If you need help getting started, you can hire Starta Enskild Firma. assists new entrepreneurs with the establishment of an individual company,
explains and goes through tax rules and other important points that you must know when starting a business in Sweden.
F-tax, website, Domain registration, logos are part of the services we help with.

It costs SEK 589 including VAT to get help to start the Enskild Firma.

USP whats included:

-3 Mon Free Fortnox accounting and billing software

- Free E-book for where you have all the information to get started with the company.

- Consultation with a company expert who will keep you on hand all the way until registration is complete.

- AB guarantee - If you want to upgrade to a limited company within 12 months, we help with it completely free of charge.



To buy on our order page we require a tax number, so you must have your own company.

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