Anthropics Technology

January 21, 2020
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May 26, 2020


Transforms your photography.

Anthropics. Three programs from one company.
*PortraitPro Fast, professional portrait editing software.
What can PortraitPro do? Skin Smoothing, Makeup Tools, 3D Lighting and more.
*PortraitPro Body. Award winning software for full body retouching.
What can PortraitPro Body do? Smoothing of the skin, Warp fixes, body contouring, adjusting width and height, automatic marking etc.
*LandscapePro. Dedicated tools for the outdoor photographer.
What can LandscapePro do? AI-driven selection tools, unique editing controls that adapt to your images, easy-to-use slider interface, lighter, new color or sky change, Add weather, overlays and logos, Lighting controls that respond to features in your landscape.
Available for. Mac & PC.
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Creative creation

A suite of editing products gives you full control and transforms your photography.