Almost a 10.
January 21, 2020
Valentine’s Day
February 12, 2020
Almost a 10.
January 21, 2020
Valentine’s Day
February 12, 2020

Att gifta sig eller att bli fotograferad på Baldersnäs Herrgård är en dröm för många

Are you one of all the photographers who have been to Baldersnäs?

We live a stone's throw from this paradise!

Yes, then maybe one of your pictures is in a Google search.
On a quick look, I see some names known to me like, Kristina Thenor, Linda Joner, la ve du, etc..

We were off to Baldersnäs now in January 2020 to take pictures and show another Baldersnäs,
for wedding pictures like these you have probably already seen.......

A bridal couple on Baldersnäs
A bridal couple on Baldersnäs

We want to tell you about a Baldersnäs when nobody has plans to get married, and tell you that you should take the opportunity to look around you, at Baldersnäs because it is an absolutely fantastic place with a long  history.
For those who do not know, Baldersnäs is located in Dalsland and is a very popular place for weddings from early spring to late autumn.
Talked to them and they already have reservations in 2022! The manor is located on a peninsula in Lake Laxsjön.

Almost all marriages take place on the so-called parasol islets, with their fine bridges.
But there is one more that you probably do not know about, which is a little beside everything, or ....

Around the manor house is the nature reserve and it is four kilometers
to "the end of the world".
There is much to see at Baldersnäs, you should take a look around!
A greeting carved in stone, at the lower parking lot.
This is a nice house that has been a brewery.
Much carpentry joy makes us happy.
One tip is to gently take this road as you get close to the parasol islets.
Rarely has the water been so high in the salmon lake.
A church, a bath house, no this is the boathouse at Baldersnäs.
The boathouse is my favorite, when the water has dropped.
Here, the bride and groom progress,
when the water is not one meter above normal.
When they arrive at the first bridge they are met by the guests.
These iron bridges are said to be made at the Billingsfors mill.
Once upon a time, the mill was an iron mill, today a paper mill.
Now we go outside the box and take pictures you probably haven't seen before.
We make our way to the end of "the world" and look back.
After a little while we come to this building.
You can walk around the whole peninsula - wonderful!
The unknown bridge is completely separate from the main building
it's just minutes away.
Here - "The end of the world", bring sausages and barbecue!
A lovely place with reeds.
We return home and pass this gate.
Do you recognize Baldersnäs from this perspective?
Sure would be nice with a bridal couple there ......
Is there a back side at Baldersnäs?
Here a little below the two "newly built" annexes.
Here we found the glass houses 72 Hour Cabins.
We will see how things are going in 2020.
There are not so many activities at Baldersnäs this time of year
but just as nice nonetheless.
Baldersnäs from the welcome entrances.
Ettu in for wedding album at Baldersnäs
Photographer at Baldersnäs? Welcome to us and talk albums etc !
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Many people have been to Dalsland and to our beautiful Baldersnäs – ours because it is a public place with a fantastic nature reserve.

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