november 14, 2019
november 4, 2019


Everything You Need for Success .

Fundy. Fundy believes in continuous improvement and innovation and is proud to offer the industry's only professional all-in-one design and sales software.
Fundy has three suites Fundy sells its programs in three different packages Lite Suite - Pro Suite - Album Suite The following tools can be included in the packages.
Free trial. Download your free trial. Your free trial never expires. No credit card required. .
License. You buy your suite and it is yours, no subscription..
But photografers who are using lifetime license of SmartAlbums are not affected by this.
Album. Design fast with our Quick Design Picker.® .
Proofing. Unlimited online design proofing.
Wall Art. Help your clients envision their memories on their wall..
Cards & Magazines. Use studio magazines to own your market.
IPS Tools. Triple your client sales with design and sales tools.
Slideshows. Create and export slideshows, with music.
Design Library. Design för album, tidskrifter, kort, väggkonst och musik.
Skin Retouching. Brighten eyes and remove under-eyes and much more in one click.
Fundy Buy Fundy suit.

NU är vi på VERO och är mer personliga.

We’ve been trying Vero for a few days now and we like this platform, maybe you too?

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