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September 10, 2019
Now also as picturebox
September 23, 2019

Many You know that we advertise three different programs to design on this site.
One is AlbumStomp a program you buy and work with on your computer.
Then we have SmartAlbum from Pixellu a program that today has a subscription to,
You need to be online once a month for Smart Albums to work.
And then we have Zalamo which is web based, a program I happened to be the sidekick to.
But there is also support directly in the program, so please use it too,
But I understand that writing in English can be tricky, and I'm happy to help.

Soon Zalamo comes with a big update.

You will be able to download an app that together with Zalamo becomes like a turbo,
and the program becomes a bit of a hybrid web-based and app that works together.

You can already use the app if you use Zalamo to sell pictures etc.


Soon Zalamo comes with a big update.
The program gets a little face lift, the big difference lies in the program's turbo,
and the program becomes a bit of a hybrid online and the app in your computer working together.


In about two months, Zalamo will provide an update.

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