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February 6, 2019
Five new colors
February 26, 2019

From HTML to WordPress.

A big step and a lot of work, but an important job!

Thanks to  Karim, we were first motivated to rebuild the page Photoever.se 
Which, in turn, has led us to also rebuild this page.
There are many benefits with
WordPress one is that we now have a "Quickbuy". Another is the image bank, you can freely use pictures of products, in your business.

We hope you will soon feel at home on this "new" website we think it is easier to navigate and there is a search function.
What is new then?
New is that we have photographed products and those who want to, can borrow them on their pages, when you borrow you add a link to Photoever.se.
We have a "Quickbuy"There we have material samples and a limited number of products for quick delivery directly from us here in our company house PhotoeverHome,we would love to hear your views and what you would like us to have in our "Quickbuy".
We also have a page that requires logging in there we will have the rules when buying etc, and also the possibility with a simplified price list to tell what a photo book costs, this is now possible as we have changed so all our customers see Swedish currency on the order page
(If you do not live in Sweden and see another currency please contact us)
On this page "Privat" we will add newsletters etc., in order to get the login you have to provide the name, company ame,tax number and a link to your website.
We will also blog on this page and give tips information etc., which we hope will be appreciated.
/ Welcome and we hope you will feel at home Izabela & Magnus.

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