We have tried to collect all the terms and conditions on this page,eventually they will also be on the order side.

Do you have any thoughts and tips on what we can write about, and write about here please contact us!

About our photo products and general rules

11 - Extremaalbum Photoever AB.
Izabela & Magnus Norberg
Visiting address: Källebergsgatan 12,
Mailing address: Gjutaregatan 16 666 30 Bengtsfors,
Sverige. cell: +46706972299
www.photoever.extremaalbum.com /
www.extremaalbum.se / www.photoever.se
Contact us on Messenger or email photoever@extremaalbum.se
22 -Terms of sale.
2 - Terms of sale. - General information .

1. This document, hereinafter referred to as the Regulations, defines the general conditions for the use of the Internet services of this website and the rules for orders.
2. The services on this website is aimed exclusively at professional photographers and industry professionals.
3. We reserve the sole right to make changes to these terms and conditions without notice or notify you about them, all the changes made take effect immediately and are displayed on this site.
When using the services on this page, please accept these terms and conditions, which then will be an agreement between the user / photographer and web sites / lab.
It is therefore recommended that you regularly get to know the terms and conditions, after every time we made up a new update. 4. After reading the following terms and conditions and accept them, click on "Accept".
Please note that the lack of or refusal to accept the following terms and conditions associated with the failure to submit the orders for services offered on this site.

2. Conditions 1. A prerequisite for use of the services is to register by filling out a form. You also establish your username and password, which confirms the order.
The information given on the form must be true.
2. The user is obliged to immediately update the information recorded on the websites of each change.
As a user should also notify us via email to photoever@extremaalbum.se so we can update address information in the shipping and billing services.
3. The user provides when registering their consent to the collection and processing of personal data by the services on the terms set out in the Privacy Policy section of these rules.
4. You may not share your account with others. Any attempt to interfere with other users is unacceptable.
5. The user purchaser of photographic products certifies and guarantees that all the details of his personal data are accurate, true and is his property.
6. The user has the overall responsibility for the contents of the transferred material (in particular for any copyright infringement).

3. The service, the cost of the product

1. Services through our programs, allows the user to request and transfer, graphic images.
Pictures later according to the order form - will be processed by the service to produce photo albums, photo, or other products offered by our services.
2. After ordering, you will receive an e-mail to the mailbox you registered. It is your responsibility as a customer to control on that everything is as it should.
If you have not received an order confirmation, please contact us as soon as possible, but only chek your e-mail, trash and spam filters.
You can also check your order in the order history here, you see how.
3. The owner of this Services reserves the right to suspend or cancel your order in the event of circumstances temporarily or completely prevent implementation of the agreement.
And if there is doubt about the contents of your order. If we cancel your order, you will be informed of this via e-mail.
If you cancel your order, you will be informed about the actual costs incurred, and which you are required to pay.
4. The actual price of the product, selected by the user, is the price you have accepted at the time and date of the contract, provided that no other agreements have been written in the comments of your order.
In this case, the amount approved by the changing costs change according to the information in the comments of the agreement.
In the above price does not include VAT, unless explicitly stated at the location, it is a gross price.
5. When it comes to invoicing takes it from Sweden, and we follow the applicable tax rules in relation to the Nordic countries and the EU.
In Sweden we invoice photo books 6% VAT
5a. When invoicing, we charge a invoice fee. 6. Prices can be changed at any time before accepting the order as a user. Services will do everything to ensure that prices shown on all web pages is accurate, relevant and timely.
7: Settlement of transactions may occur as follows: payment by bank transfer to the boom giro owner indicates on the invoice, at the latest on the due date, we charge a reminder fee at the reminder.
8: The user must pay the full amount in accordance with established principles on the website or direct contract with the owner of the site.
9: The invoice from us in physical form in any order, packets are sent with PostNord's corporate package. On some occasions,
it is sent directly to the appropriate transport company from the lab directly to you, the customer, in these instances, the invoice by email.
These occasions can be, bulky, urgent, or that we have the holiday.

4. delivery

1. Items will be delivered in accordance with paragraph 3: 9 Assuming the lab, choose one of the following: GLS courier, priority mail, or courier.
The exact cost of delivery is dependent on the shape of the collie, weight, size and geographical location of delivery by courier ordered by you.
2. Services will do everything to give you the ordered products as soon as possible, we are not responsible in case of delay in the implementation of the transport.
3. In the absence of the expected delivery of photographic products, you should immediately inform the service about the situation via email, in each case, we try to find a rational solution for you.

5: The right to consumer complaints

1. In accordance with paragraph 5.2 You have the right to cancel the order without giving any reason within seven working days from the date of receipt of the product.
You are you for the return to the lab. So unless there is a product that contains or is an image applied in or on the product,
then all brodukter unique image, then you will receive a refund (minus shipping cost) you paid for the product photo.
2. Pay particular attention to the fact that it is not possible to cancel your order for a product that contains images uploaded by the user.
3. To cancel your order you must inform us of this intention in writing (a form acceptable e-mail) and send such a message to the address on the website of the service.
Or contact us by phone, the order started, you are financially responsible for material consumption, etc.
4. These terms and conditions override other conditions.
5. Complaints can be submitted in writing or by e-mail within 7 days from the date of receipt of the ordered products, the page specified location.
Product approved and delivered to your customer, will not be accepted as a complaint. In order to assess the claim, we require a written description, and clear photos that show the entire product and detailed pictures.
6. Complaints procedure begins when the product is delivered, that the complaint referred, along with a detailed description without justification will no complaint will be considered.
7. Liability under the guarantee only covers defects or non-compliance with the order created in the process of performing the contract. We are not responsible for damage to goods damaged during shipping or fault of the user.
8. Picture Quality, the lab is not responsible for the unsatisfactory quality of the prints it due to low quality that comes with the digital original.
9. Costs of unjustifiable complaint charged.
10. A return and the approved claim, we may use as demonstration copies.

6. Users Obligations

1. You bear all responsibility for safety and use of passwords and logins issued in connection with the provision of services.
You should take all measures to ensure the security and confidentiality of the password and logins in the use of services,
and not allow a situation where someone other than yourself without permission from the user will use the services offered.
2. The user also agrees to certify that all information provided at the request of his person, is authentic, and that he did not use our services with the intent to commit fraud or illegal act,
or, as called for commercial purposes. 3. Uploading photos or other graphic content and material that could fall disruptive, threatening, defamatory or blasphemous, pornographic or signs of pedophilia, racism,
or lack of respect for other faiths. Forbidden are also images that can show or contain hate against any person or group, or if they are criminals, abusive, threatening, bullying or violate applicable law.
4. You are free to send only the images that the user who owns the copyright to (or when you get permission from the author photo for distribution and copying of the picture).
You must also ensure that none of the submitted images, or part thereof shall not in any way violate the copyright, trademark, design right or other intellectual property of third parties.
5. The service will not check the content of the images transmitted by the user. But if any of the images sent by the user to follow these conditions, in particular,
Section 6.3 as these images will be removed with immediate effect without any liability to the user who posted pictures with such content.
6. In the case when the material sent by the user violates these conditions, we will have the right to cooperate with law enforcement authorities.
7. You must ensure and guarantee that your computer uses is fully consistent with the technical requirements needed to insert image files, and that the images you sent,
are free of viruses or other code or cipher for polluting and destructive properties.
8. Use of the Internet for the transmission of the images is entirely at your own risk and subject to all applicable laws and regulations.
The service will not be responsible for any loss incurred by the user images as a result of the activities of the network.
9. With the help of Internet users to download, transfer files with pictures, to make all activities at your own risk and only if you are fully responsible for any damage to their own computer systems,
and data loss due to charging of such material.
10. You agree to compensate and protect the service from all costs, claims, expenses, step in a legal process,
we exposed the misuse of our services and the violation of the provisions of Section 5, and in case of violations of any of these terms and conditions .
In the event of such breach, the user recognizes and confirms that it complies with the solution as a service agreement with the service and cancel all waiting
to satisfy requests for photographic products previously supplied this user. The service also reserves the right to refuse access to services in the future for you, if you have violated any of the provisions.

7. Privacy

1. Personal data included if the user is treated according to the law on protection of personal data and legislation.
2. You have the ability to view and change your personal information registered in the service undertakes to do everything possible to ensure effective protection of the privacy of the users of the service.
3. Information you during registration and subsequent use of the service is used for the purposes of proper implementation of the orders for you.
4. The data collected in the system and notified in connection with the service is only available materials a small group of personnel responsible for the operation of the service and execution of orders in the laboratory,
to the extent necessary to carry out orders.
5. This personal information, especially e-mail address can be used to send information about the service, as well as commercial offers and information to offer their services to registered users.
6. You have the right to declare that they do not wish to receive marketing information. The relevant option is available in the account settings.
6b. You also agree that we use provided contact information in billing services and for deliveries, tex Visma - PostNord - Schenker - TNT or similar
7. Materials submitted to the execution of the order is removed from the server after 15 days from the date the product was sent to the recipient.
8. Order of the user of the system must be understood as a single agreement between you and the service to perform the services specified in the order.
9. The site owner is not responsible for delays in the provision of services or inability to meet due to circumstances beyond the control of the owner of the service,
including, in particular, but not limited to: strike, failure of telecommunication networks or system of third-party gateway failures public network operators,
the delays encountered during transport, natural disasters and other emergencies. In the event of the circumstances described above, service is engaged as soon as possible to inform the user about the event and its causes.

8. Security and copyright.

1. The service will do everything to ensure the safety of all the pictures and details of credit and debit cards, which were obtained from the user when they make his contract.
2. The contents of all websites belonging to the owner and called the service everything is related and linked to the services provided by the service is protected by international copyright and other intellectual property rights.
3. All products, names and logos mentioned in connection with the Services are trademarks or trade names of individual owners.
The user may upload and download material solely to place an order for a product photo.
But you must not under any circumstances modify, copy, reproduce, republish, upload, transmit or distribute any material,
and can not download any material, including (but not limited to) text, graphics, video files, messages, scripts, codes and / or software without our consent.
4. You as a photographer - the owner of the image (submitted in writing by the user) is always the copyright holder of the image and the products that use them.
The user that sends images to the service undertakes to provide the service limited, fully paid and royalty-free license, without granting the right to exclusive use,
modification, public demonstration, reproduce and distribute such material sent by the user only at the site. In cases not covered by these rules shall apply the relevant provisions of the Civil Code.

33 - Integrity policy - GDPR.
Why should I read this notice?

This notice explains how we at Photoever Extremaalbum collect, use and protect your information.

What information do you collect about me?
We collect basic information about you to be able to provide you with the services that we provide, this includes
contact details

How will you use my information?
We need to know your basic personal data in order to provide you with on-going organisational updates and funding information and analysis services in line with this overall contract.
We will not collect any personal data from you we do not need in order to provide and oversee this service to you.

How long do you keep my information?
We are required under tax law to keep your basic personal data (name, address, contact details) for a minimum of 7 years after which time it will be destroyed.
Your information we use for marketing & newsletter purposes will be kept with us until you notify us that you no longer wish to receive this information.

With whom do you share my information?
All the personal data we process is processed by our staff in No 3rd parties have access to your personal data unless the law allows them to do so.
We have a Data Protection regime in place to oversee the effective and secure processing of your personal data.
More information can be found by contacting us via e-mail

Where do you keep my information?
We keep your information in datacenters within the European Union.
For technical reasons, our application vendors may transfer your data to countries outside the European Economic Area.
When this is the case, we use appropriate safeguards, namely the European Commission’s standard contractual clauses and Privacy Shield.

Which rights do I have?
Access: You can request a copy of the information that we hold about you.

Correction: We want to make sure that your personal information is accurate and up to date.
You may ask us to correct or remove information you think is inaccurate.
Erasure: You can demand that we erase your information.
We are not allowed to erase information about you that the law requires us to keep.
Data portability: You can ask us to transfer your information from our IT environment to another, either to another company’s or your own.
This does not apply to information about you that the law requires us to keep.
Withdrawing consent: You can withdraw your consent for sharing your usage data or receiving marketing information at any time.
You can do that by sending an e-mail to us.
Complaints: You can lodge a complaint with us or your local data protection authority at any time.

How can I exercise my rights?
If you would like to exercise any of the above rights, please email or write to us at the address in the bottom of the notice.
If you would like to lodge a complaint with your local data protection authority, please contact the authority directly.

Changes to this policy
We keep our privacy policy under regular review and we will place any updates on this webpage.
This privacy policy was last updated on 25 May 2018.

How to contact us
If you have any questions about this policy, how we use your information, or your data privacy rights, please contact us.
You can do that under the following address:
CEO: Izabela Norberg / Contact person: Magnus
Postadress: Gjutaregatan 16 66630 Bengtsfors.
Visiting address: Källebergsgatan 16 Sweden
E-mail: photoever@extremaalbum.se
44 - Before ordering.
Before ordering, you prepare your files and designs for photo books.
You can use any software you want for design as long as you deliver the right size. You can find the info on extreembum.com/specifications .
We are available in a variety of software. For all books, you will be providing spreads / spreads, in addition to Storry book.

Important parts within 1 cm of the edges, all sides will be trimmed / cut about 3mm around.
It is also best to number in this way example: 001.jpg 002.jpg 003.jpg etc. on spreadsheets that you upload to the server with ftp program.
Do you have a photo on the front of the album, call it: cover.jpg
You can deliver the files in Adobe RGB or sRGB most deliver sRGB that provide a bit softer images.

Can I order test pictures from the lab?
Yes, we offer free test prints.
You can send two pictures, size 13x18cm, which we will print on the desired paper.
You order the pictures as a regular order but write "test print" in the order.

Color management:

We use a full color calibrated workflow and we strongly recommend that your workflow is color calibrated.
If you have problems with dark / light images from other laboratories and album companies,
it's probably a problem with your screen's brightness - this is the most common issue.
Read this page for more information on color management and image calibration.

Do I need to add extra sharpness to my page layouts?
Everything depends on how sharp you like your pictures.
We do not add or correct customer images.
If you want to test the amount of sharpness, order an image, type "test of sharpness" in the order.
55 -Delivery times.
At normal order intake we have about three weeks delivery time.
We try to pack multiple orders in a box but there is nothing that can be requested.
Delivery time is calculated from the fact that we have all files on the server that belong to the order.
66 - Transport
We deliver orders with PostNords with MyPack Collect to our customers.
When we print the address label, an email is sent to the customer through PostNord.
We recommend you follow the package via their app. (there is a link in the email)
The package arrives at the nearest delivery point. You receive an SMS and must have identification to collect.

Follow your letters and packages with the PostNord app.
Read more and download the App The package contains an invoice and you have received a copy of your email.
If you order and it is urgent, the packages are delivered via Schenker.

Your packages come to us in large boxes.
If you want to earn one - two days but pay 100Sek extra, we can send it directly to you.
When we take a holiday, the lab continues to work and then packages are sent directly to you with Schenker.
Even when you order and are in an extra hurry, the packages are delivered with Schenker.
If you order a lot and bulky, it goes directly from the lab to you. Ask us about tracking and we will help you.

When there is a shortage of time and you need a delivery extra fast, we hire TNT then the delivery takes 2-3 days.
The price for one kilo is about 900Sek. Ask us about tracking and we will help you.

From the lab, Gls transports the packages to Sweden, where it changes to Schenker.
If the package comes to you with Schenker, they have a more detailed report.
Copy "Swedish parcel number" to Schenker's search page.

From the lab, the packages are sent with GLS, when it reaches the border, DHL takes over to your address, when you see that your order has the status "sent",
we will soon have a tracking number, ask us and we will help you.

77 - Delivery times at Christmas.
In order to be able to deliver products before Christmas we have a dedline about November 18th.
Please plan your orders throughout the season, as Christmas means we make up to 300 books a day.
88 - Shipping Costs.
Shipping cost is about 160 sec up to 10 kg, if the packages are bulky, there may be 2 packages, for example, if you are shopping for Wallart, Plexi or Canvas.
Direct delivery from lab 250 sec
We usually ship with PostNord in Sweden. If the packages are sent directly from the lab, it is with Schenker.
If you want a little faster delivery or if we are on vacation (during our holiday no elevated shipping cost)
You can order express delivery, which comes with TNT and costs from 800Sek.
99 - Payment methods.
From 8 August 2020, we will create invoices on an ongoing basis when ordering.
You then have 14 days to pay the invoice, if it is not paid when we receive the products, we will not send but wait until we receive the payment.
If it is the case that it says KONTANT before your name on the order page this means that we do not start production until we have the payment.
The invoice will reach you on the email specified on the order page. If you have not received it, contact us after 24 hours.
1010 - VAT on our products.
We invoice with 6% VAT on our photo books other products 25% in Sweden.
To other countries according to current rules.
1111 -What are our customers?
We only ship products to photographers with registered companies.
1212 - Studio sample.
First-time customers may order a standard photo book with 30% discount, it is not marked in any way.
The discount is activated innom a week after registration, you are missing it, you must tell within a week of registration day.
This discount does not apply to Studio Line, or Fineart album.
Everyone also has studio samples of 3 standard photo books, and cases per year, with 30% discount.
The code is: PHEV2018 when you used it 3 times we block it.
1313 - Covers and the various materials.
We have one of Europe's largest selection of materials and colors for the covers of the books.

Poppularly is currently Linen, Canvas but there are also Eco material, Knittwer, Classical leather
Exclusive leather, Fine leather, Pelle magica, Plexi, Metal, Photo and each material have a number of colors.
The photo books are also divided into different categories
Galant (with padding in the covers) Trendy (without padding) Photo, Wood, Metal.

Coloring different materials into one color is difficult if you want to keep exactly the same shade
Most materials are prick-proof almost 100 on, but linen materials can vary around 10%

If you do not find the color you are looking for, it may be because of several things
If the material is not included in the scroll list check in the overview, it is "shaded, it's only temporary.
(choose a different shade and write in the comments to the order your wishes)

1414 - Texts and possibilities on the covers.
When we personalize the products with stamp, laser or uv, we give you a unique opportunity.
You create a natural-sized PDF with the text or monogram you want.
(we recommend that a capital letter be made about 1.5 cm / 43 pixels)

Our graphic reads in your design as an image and creates a cliché or burn it with the laser,
If you choose UV, it is written with an "ink" that is cured with UV light. (the same technique that dentists have)
There are color choices if you want stamp or uv but laser can not be obtained in any color.

To put their company stamp is usually on the back of the books.
The stamp costs about 265 sec but is a one-time cost,
You use it on products without charge.
1515 - Advice when designing books.
We advise everyone to reverse special programs to make their design in.
We have no proprietary software or benefit of something, but we recommend above all
Zalamo and Smart Albums Which program in the market you choose is a taste thing.
On our Premium Page there is inspiration and advice for good design.
1616 - When you look in the photo book.
A book with wide back is easier to damage than a thin one.
Plasma book on a clean and smooth surface, wipe out if it's the smallest wet.

The greatest risk of injury is at the back, where the paper is attached to the pouch, support your hand when you turn pages.
It's important not to let the book open more than 180 degrees.
It's also important to have clean dry fingers when turning pages.
The papers in our books are durable to turn pages in but sensitive to moisture and sharp nails.

We do not recommend that the books appear so children browse them without parents' overview.
When lifting the book out of the box, always use the strap attached to the box.
We also recommend that you keep your book safe and secure, lying in a box.
Incorrect handling and storage of albums does not apply to the warranty.
1717 - Storage of albums and pictures.
Albums and images should be kept lying and preferably in a case.
Do not let any heavy objects lie on top of books, as your backs can be pressed and deformed.
The best storage for a photo book is between 40 and 60% humidity.
If you have too low or too high humidity, the pages of the book can bend, which is natural but not desired.
It is primarily the first and last pages that can bend a bit, These sheets are of a combination of different materials that react differently to humidity.
But there is no cause for concern, put the book in a room with a better humidity,
and place another book on top as a small weight to neutralize the book's own humidity within a couple of days.

The cellar in a house is not a place suitable for storing photo books, as it is usually a higher humidity there.
Even a public environment may be inappropriate, or if you have a studio where people come in with wet clothes,
Humidity always rises in autumn and spring as it is a humid climate.

If you have an album in the window to show passers-by, you should not have it for more than a short while as temperatures often vary, and also the humidity between day and night.
All our books are manufactured under controlled humidity and always leave the lab flat.
You should not store the photo books at high or low temperatures or humidity, and you should not expose them to excessive sunlight.

Images and materials can withstand light, but in the long-term exposure can still cause bleaching, just as all other materials around us.

If you have purchased pictures, we recommend that they be stored in a case or sold, mounted in a frame in a correct way.

Incorrect handling and storage of albums or pictures does not apply to the warranty.
1818 - Which book suits you and your customer.
Standard boken: har kemiskt frammkallade papper (Fuji DPII).
Dessa papper är de papper som används inom fotoboks tilverkningen för att få bästa färgåtergivning med en hållbar, fingeravtryckssäker finish.
Pappret finns i fem alternativ metallic, blankt, matt med en struktur, matt och Velvet som är så matt att det inte ger några reflektioner alls.

Fotoböcker med passepartouter: dessa böcker har sina passepartouter på plats när de levereras monterade direkt på uppslagen från start i tillverkningen.
Du kan bara använda de passepartouter vi tillhanda håller genom nerladdning på ordersidan.
Du kan vrida dem om du vill men inte förändra dem då dessa passepartouter är en lager vara.
Fotopappers valen är de samma fem som för standard böckerna.

StudioLine: boken för din studio, du har ett litet utbud av modeller och storlekar.
Dessa böcker har ett kemiskt framkallat papper som är tunnare än i standard böckerna.
De är käsligare i "viket" och i bland kan en svag ljusblå linje uppkomma, detta är något alla fotoboks tillverkare kämpar med.
Därför rekomenderar vi aldrig att man designar med en mörk bild över mitten på någon bok.
( då detta är ett fenomen som alla produsenter av böcker har och som är knutet till Fuji är det ingen orsak för reklamation.)

Fine Art album: boken för dina brudpar som gillar pappers känslan.
Dessa böcker kan ha 30 uppslag med Canon eller Hahnemühle pappret, eftersom sidorna blir ganska tjocka.
Väljer du Munken eller Rives kan du ha upp till 50 uppslag.
Papper är ett naturmaterial och i viket på ett papper får man en viss fiberresning vilket gör att vi inte rekomenderar mörka bilder över centrum.

Story bok: speciellt konstruerade böcker, med tryck på båda sidor.
Metoden för att binda dessa böcker möjliggör ett stort antal sidor som kan öppnas nästan platt. men det är inte ett lay-flat.
Storybook ger mycket utrymme för foton upp till 130 sidor.
Till dessa böcker levererar man sidor och de börjar med höger sida och slutar med en vänster sida.
Vår rekomendation för denna bok är att man gör en bok i liggande format och skildrar "hela" dagen i den eller en resa.
Se det lite som ett kompliment till en "vanlig" fotobok, färg återgivningen är lägre än i övriga böcker eller ett alternativ till usb.
1919 - Cases and presentations.
Cases: Boxes for Books are a good and practical storage and are available in several designs.
The cases, for pictures are available in several varieties in linen, photo or in wood,
there is also the possibility of usb in picture cases or just for usb.

Harmony: a product you can put on the desk or in the shelf.
You can view the entire inside, or open only on selected images.
Harmony contains 6 to 12 images printed on the smooth paper Munken.

Folio: currently order CD case with this instruction to get unmounted passepartouter
"Passepartout on both sides - No CD White Passepartout with cutout 12 * 12 Not cut-out
outer edge but cut to the picture. "(Do you want the 9 * 12 cutout)
2020 - Products for the wall.
Wallart: A MDF disc with white or black powder coated edge image is laminated and mounted.

Canvas: Our canvas is treated with a wax to protect the image from dirt and UV light.

Plexi: the picture printed on metallic paper and fastened between two plexiglass sheets.
2121 - Product return in case of complaint.
We receive complaints for up to one week after you receive the product.
Product approved and submitted to your customer will not be accepted as a complaint.
In order to assess the complaint we need a written description and
clear images showing the entire product and the damage this is done in our form
It is extremely important that you enter the correct Order Number and Product Number
You should also return the product at the cheapest and safest way to us.

Studio Line is a price pressure product where we do not accept small imperfections that cause of complaint.
Even a discoloration occurs in the fold on a spread of chemical paper,
as well as getting fiber resins on fineart paper in the fold, is something we have to live with.

When we produce photo books, careful quality control is performed, and in the event of a fault, an internal complaint occurs before it is sent.
All our books are manufactured in a controlled environment in terms of temperature and humidity
therefore, no book leaves the lab with curved sides, if any book still has curved sides see the section about 15 - ALBUM AND PHOTOS STORAGE.

If we accept the complaint, we will deduct the shipping cost of the next order.
- No complaint will be approved until we have the product in our hand!
- It is not possible to replace or change files or choices in a complaint.
If not approved, we will send it back to the sender and bill our cost.

Also check that the files are available on your server space for new production.
Binding of books have functional guarantee.

. We also want you to think about whether you can keep it for a reduced price.

All returned products may be returned in the form of display ex with us.
If you or your customer does not want us as a display ex, it is your responsibility to place a written request for the product to be shredded if the complaint is approved.

We have never received a book with broken binding.
We have 2% complaints over a year, we focused on constantly working on so it will be even fewer.
2222 - In the event of curved pages.
Books that leaves our lab is always straight and fine, this is because they are manufactured in our facilities, with kontrolerad humidity 43%.
During production, there are several steps and the books need to rest afterwards in our premises, which is why a book can not be produced too fast.

When we package the books, they are placed in plastic bags to avoid exposure to the humidity of the environment as we can no longer control it.
During transport, the humidity may be higher or when you unpack it from the packaging.
The first and last sides may then bend slightly, which is due to the very first paper that absorbs moisture and becomes a little bigger on the other side, photoside that can not move.

Have your book curved sides?
Do not worry it has nothing to do with the manufacturing, but the humidity surrounding the book.
When the environment around the book has a lower or higher moisture than the actual book, the fibers will come in mainly the paper at the beginning, and the end absorbs or emits moisture.

Do like this: Place the book in a safe place free of dust or dirt, placing a larger book above on to allocate a weight of a few pounds, then let the book rest for at least one day, preferably more.
Provided that you have a normal humidity of about 40-45%.
Place the book high on a bookshelf not close to an element as it varies in temperature and also changes the humidity.

You should not place books next to heat sources, air conditioners, dehumidifiers or in direct sunlight.

The optimum is in a horizontal position and preferably in its case.
2323 - Which book should I choose?
- Standard book:

For those who want to offer a book that has many possibilities in terms of sizes of materials and models.
Do you want to have a bit more stable and richer pages, the standard books are the choice.
You can also choose the extremely matte Velvet paper which is used more often for weddings.
The sizes are from 10x10cm up to 40x50cm and from 5 to 50 spreads.

These paper from Fuji are the paper used in the photo box manufacture to get the best color rendering with a durable,
fingerprint-proof finish. The paper is available in five options metallic, glossy, matte with a texture, matt and velvet

These books have a chemically developed paper. There is a weak light blue line sometimes, this is something all the photobooks manufacturers struggle with.
Therefore, we never recommend that you design with a dark image over the middle of any book.
(as this is a phenomenon that all manufacturers of books have and which are linked to Fuji, there is no reason for complaint.)

- Fine art book:

Same range of models, material as standard books.
The sizes are from 20x20 to 40x40cm.
Hahnemühle and Canon paper can be made with 30 spreads Munken and Rivers up to 50.
The papers are lightly waxed to be UV protected and touch safe, without losing the feeling that it is paper.

The book for your bridesmaids who like the paper feeling.
Paper is a natural material and in the center of the paper folds you can get a certain fiber rise, which means that we do not recommend dark images over the center.
- The book with passepartouter:

The book for those who want that little extra.
Same large range of models and materials as standard books.
But only in 25x25 and 25x30 landscape, 5 to 20 spreads.
These books must be designed with our downloadable templates, you can find them in the order form.
You can turn and twist them but do not mirror them.

The books have their passportartouts in place when delivered directly from the start of production.
Photo papers are the same as those for the standard books.

- Studioline:

The book we never have extra price on.
The book we want you have as an option, along with studio photography.

The book for those who want a good cheap book, but better than the competitor.

When we priced this book, it was for your sake that you could offer something valuable to your customers.
It also means that you should put expectations in relation to the price.

There are 7 models and only linens for the binders you have 4 sizes to choose from and max 20 spreads.
Note that the 21 ideas means you must switch to the standard books and a different price level.

These books have a chemically developed paper that is thinner than in the standard books.
They are more sensitive in the "fold" and, among other things, a weak light blue line can arise, this is something all the photobox manufacturers struggle with.
Therefore, we never recommend that you design with a dark image over the middle of any book.
(as this is a phenomenon that all manufacturers of books have and which are linked to Fuji, there is no reason for complaint.)

- Story book:

After a full day's shooting, or as a great way to preserve a documented event.
These books are not quite flat, which should be kept in mind when designing, you must not use
the templates in the order form, but you have to keep those measurements and deliver page-by-page books starts on a right side and ends with a left side.

You can also have pergamin paper as an option.
The pages are double sided and have no core what other books have.
The books do not really match the quality of the books but have from 60 to 130 pages. (Note pages)
Story book is available in three models and five sizes and with outsides covered with linen or leather.

Our recomendation for this book is that you make a book in landscape format, depicting the "whole" day in it or a trip.
See it a bit like a compliment to a "regular" photo book, color rendering is slightly lower than in other fine art books or an alternative to usb.
2424 -Images / trust.
You are responsible for the images you upload are not offensive, threatening, pornographic or contain other offensive information.
You must own the copyright (or if you get permission from the author for distribution and copying of the image)
No pictures will be used by us and it is up to you to check that images are removed for delivered product from our server.
2525 - Warranty.
We offer lifetime warranty on the binding of all photo books.
If there is any problem with binding, printing or quality on your photo book and it appears to be an error of manufacturing, we repairing or replacing the book for free.
Photo books and prints require special handling and care, information can be found under the headings:
Photobooks and prints that are damaged due to improper care or handling are not covered by our warranty, but we will assist you in the event of any repair if necessary.

You must report any problems with products not covered by our standard warranty within 7 business days after you have received the package.

It may be:
- physical damage to the product under shipping
- physical damage to the inside or outside

If no complaint is made during this time frame, any damage to your product to be considered as wear and therefore not covered by the warranty.
We give you 25 years warranty on paper and printing. - We give you 10 years warranty on all other materials.

We only provide guarantees to you as a buyer / photographer of products and not to third parties.
Product delivered to end customer is verified and approved by you and can not be advertised. (to keep in mind for direct delivery from us to your customer)

In case of transport damage, you are required to report the damage upon receipt from the carrier to the carrier.
2626 - Before you deliver a book.
Before you deliver your photo book to the customer check it, so it's ok.
Feel free to put it in a dry place for acclimatization.
Never leave a package, pack it up and check, you only have 7 days to make a complaint.
2727 - Premium customer.
To help our customers, we have some websites and
accounts on instagram, facebook, twitter instagram and pinterest.
The page Extremaalbum.se is an information page, which explains a little more about our products.
Photoever.se is the side for your customers our way of helping you.
After first delivery, we will place customers on the map
2828 - Websites
To help our customers, we have some websites and
accounts on instagram, facebook, twitter instagram and pinterest.
The page Extremaalbum.se is an information page, which explains a little more about our products.
Photoever.se is the side for your customers our way of helping you.
2929 - Updates.
On this page you will find our terms and conditions of use that you have approved on registration on our order page photoever.extremaalbum.com
It's up to you to check and stay up to date.
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