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Free membership, and premium customer.

On the next page, you can read about the new conditions for being a premium customer.

The new conditions for being a premium customer.
It is based on us building a future together.

New customer?

Benefits for all photographers.

First-time customers receive a welcome letter home
in the mailbox with some material sample and papers  
to get a little feeling formaterials and paper.

If you then want material samples, we haverings in different categories you can buy. Or for 3 Sek pcs

All also have studio sample of 3 standard photo books, and cases per year, with a 30% discount.
When you have used it 3 times it is blocked
The code is: PHEV2018

Free membership.

You can be with our marketing site
From the autumn of 2020, it is completely free, as we have chosen
to finance the site with help
by advertisers.

You can be seen on the page in several ways and we also post material
on others blogs and social media.

    Kontakta oss via mail så hjälper vi dig.

Become a Premium Customer.

Who can apply to be a Premium customer?
All photographers using our products can apply.
Photographers who trust our company, and suggest our company to
other professional photographers, makes posts about our products on Facebook,
Instagram and other social media in a positive and friendly tone,
write reviews and comments on our website or others' websites,
blog etc to tell us that our products are good.
Premium is about mutual trust, for both our company and for you as a photographer, and your company!
We want you as Premium customer to really want to invest in you and your company, together with us.


You can take advantage of the benefits and offers on our order page.
And other offers with us.

You avoid the invoicing fee.
You have 30% on the studio sample applies to both standard,
fine art and albums with Pp.
You have 6 studio samples and cases to order per year, code: PHEV2018.
We give you 15% on Standard Books, Fine Art Books and books with Pp.
We give you 15% on Canvas and Wallart.
You can have two books in our library. ( subject to availability ).
If you book our accommodation for two nights, you will receive
50% on your next order up to SEK 5,000.

Conditions for becoming a Premium Customer.

A customer is a customer number.

Pay 3 studio samples for at least 5000Sek ex VAT before discount.
On our order page

You have 30% on the viewing album, the amount you pay will then be 3500Sek
Use code PHEV2018 to get the discount.

We would then have three posts to blog, posts should describe.
1: A product from us.
2: You and your business.
3: And a post about a photo shoot you did.

The texts should be aimed at your customers and put you and our products at the center. (And illustrated with pictures).

Share your photos from the Photoeverblog on your social pages online,
just as we will do.

When we have delivered the books and received material for the blog,
we will sign you up as a Premium customer.

When you are approved as a premium customer, you get a 15% discount on
Standard Books,Fineart, books with passepartout canvas and wallart.

We then blog your material on three occasions over one to two months.

You are a Premium customer for one calendar year,
the breaking point is the last of December.

The above discounts cannot be combined with other offers and promotions.

We reserve the right to change these rules over time.

Till ordersidan


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