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March 5, 2019
March 3, 2019

Photo covers

Our most personal choices.

Number of materials.

We can print on paper that is laminated or canvas which we then coat the covers with.
Dimension 10x10 cm Upp till 50x50   Number of spreads from 5 to 50.
Choice of paper We currently have five traditional paper choices and four fine paper choices.
You can choose from 4 thicknesses of the core which likes the sides from 0.6 to 2 mm thick.
Options Optionally, you can write with UV in white, black, brown or laser on the model that has a back in material other than photo.
Categories You will find books with photo cover, like Standard book and Fineart book and Studioline.
Characteristics It can't be more personal than this!
If you think it is a bit tricky with the image for the front contact us and we will show you.
Models Pictures on photo cover.
Some standard sizes in centimeters and pixels. You deliver JPG in RGB or sRGB
RGB gives more colors and higher contrasts, which has resulted in most delivering in sRGB.

30x30 cm = 305x610 mm - Pixlar:7205 X 3602 / 300 dpi.

25x25 cm = 254x508 mm - Pixlar: 6000 X 3000 / 300 dpi.

20x20 cm = 203x406 mm - Pixlar: 4795 X 2398 / 300 dpi.

15x15 cm = 152x306 mm - Pixlar: 3614 X 1795 / 300 dpi.

All sizes Full list in cm.

NU är vi på VERO och är mer personliga.

We’ve been trying Vero for a few days now and we like this platform, maybe you too?

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