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May 9, 2022
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Vacation now?
May 25, 2022

Cases & Boxes

Order with or without pictures

When you order a case with images, the lab will choose the depth that fits the number of images.

However, if you select 0 images, you will be able to see the depths of the cases available.
You have square and rectangular cases to choose from, a total of 15 different sizes.
You have 12 different depths to choose from, when you select a depth you will see the maximum number of images we recommend.

A perfect last minute product if you can print yourself.

If you have some in stock at home, you will always be able to have a plan B

With space for USB, pictures or empty

order tomt etui hos extremaalbum a
Five stylish cases for great photos.

Select case size

order tomt etui hos extremaalbum 1
When you choose the format of the case, you will see the inner size.
A 20x30 case is slightly larger inside so the pictures can be 20x30 cm

Number of pictures....

order tomt etui hos extremaalbum 2
If you choose, say, 30 pictures, the lab will pick the case that fits best.
But if you choose 0 pictures, in the next step you will be able to choose the depth you want.
In the top right corner, you can choose how many cases of the same type you want to order.

Which model?

order tomt etui hos extremaalbum 3
Here you choose which model you want.
Do you want space for USB or not ?

How deep? We help.

order tomt etui hos extremaalbum 4
What depth do you want?
It can be a bit tricky do you have pictures you can measure at home?
When you click on an image, you will see our recommendations.

Material choice

order tomt etui hos extremaalbum 5
Then it's the choice of material, did you choose photo outside,
is it the edges that have a material choice.
Be observant of the method and visibility of text.


order tomt etui hos extremaalbum 6
Above, below or inside ?
You have a few optional places to put text.
Many write something on the lid and have their logo on the bottom.

The methods

order tomt etui hos extremaalbum 9
The materials we chose are not suitable for UV. We can choose on laser or stamp, in this case we choose metod stamp.


order tomt etui hos extremaalbum 8
Our choice is stamp and we see that without refinement it is not possible.
So we choose the one we think fits the material.

What should it say....

order tomt etui hos extremaalbum 7
We choose to have a text and the font Trajan.
We write on a line and change in the small "roller blind" to 1.
order tomt etui hos extremaalbum b

Photo cases and boxes for photos
Order and print yourself

Putting 0 photos in the case when you order gives you more options.
And you can have a few cases on the shelf in readiness.

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