Plexi for the wall
October 1, 2019
November 2019 deadline
October 7, 2019
Plexi for the wall
October 1, 2019
November 2019 deadline
October 7, 2019

This is post number four out of four, we do more than album!

Do you sell pictures? If you do not start offering pictures, loose pictures or in a case,
Then you can sell more and the customer can frame them yourself, how do you make frames? Do you sell frames?

When we had a store and sold pictures, we tried to sell at least a 30x40, and then a frame.
We sold a lot of frames at least one per image, the frame is important, a frame that has a strip of 2cm to a 30x40
almost ruin your fine image instead take a frame that is maybe 5-6 cm wide it makes such a big difference.

The color and profile of the frame is also important in highlighting your image with your customer,
Think what advertising space, in the place of honor in the customer's home. Could it be better?

When it sits on the wall of your customer's home, it will speak its clear language
and their friends will ask who the photographer is.
Want to make more money? Then the answer is passepartout your picture is raised a little and besides you sell a passepartout
you also sell a size larger frame.

You have several different methods to choose from when it comes to printed images.
If you choose Prolab Prints it is the same as in the photo books, even fine art is the same paper as for the books.
We recommend that you laminate the prolab images and if they are from 24x30 you should also mount them on cardboard.
A larger image will "hang" in the photo frame with time, which is not nice and unprofessional.

Here we have some pictures and more you can find on the page under products / on the wall.
When you order you do so on our order page where you will find what sizes we offer.

Read on our blog about Pictures, Plexi, Wallart and Canvas great products for your pictures to your customers.


Pictures – pictures – pictures, we see them everywhere, Instagram and above all Pinterest lives on that we love pictures.

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