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September 23, 2019
Canvas on the wall
September 27, 2019

Thought this should be a post of four we do more than album!

Wallart a great product for your images to your customers.
They are available with white or black powder coated edges.
On the back there are "key holes" for hanging.
Wallart available in thirteen sizes from 10 x 10 cm to 70 x 100 cm and in three modules,
Keep in mind that you can turn a module or devise your own based on the sizes available.

Here we have some pictures and more you can find on the page under products / on the wall.
When you order you do so on our order page where you will find what sizes we offer.

Read on our blog about Pictures, Plexi, Wallart and Canvas great products for your pictures to your customers.

    • The image is exposed on photo paper and glued on a 12 mm MDF plate
    • The MDF has white or black lacquered edges.
    • The image is exposed on Fuji Velvet or on matte and glossy paper .
    • We do not laminate Velvet this image as it would lose its matte surface.
    • The matte and glossy paper is laminated.
    • The paper has UV protection and is insensitive to fingerprints
    • Handle Wallarten with care as it is sensitive to scratches

We call them Wallart because it is the art that photographers create and who then end up on the wall at someone’s home.

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