Antal visningar
Advertise one way with us
August 30, 2023
Temporarily out – back in stock
September 4, 2023
Antal visningar
Advertise one way with us
August 30, 2023
Temporarily out – back in stock
September 4, 2023
You have noticed it, we have noticed it, the economy is tougher than in a very long time.
Do you have money in the piggy bank?
We have done what we could to avoid this post.
With private money, we installed solar cells on the roof of our company building to get a lower electricity cost.
It works well but it’s not enough Izabela works extra when given the opportunity but it’s not enough either.
If you have been abroad, you know that our Swedish krona is not what it used to be…..

Travel planning concept, destination tropical scene in glasses reflection. Passport with tickets, money and compass on old blurred map

Vi installerade solpaneler i hösten-22 vilket kommer att ge oss lägre el på årsbasis. Eftersom elen betalas av vårt företag behövde vi inte höja priser på grund av el.

Svenska kronan mot Zloty

The exchange rate over the past year, in addition to the exchange rate, purchases have also become more expensive.

The value of the Swedish krona against the Dollar, Euro, and Zloty in our case is falling

Unfortunately, this means we have to make price adjustments on our order page.
But we have added a “new” product that costs a penny, namely an E-book.
If you click on it, we will also create your order as an e-book.
I enter contact information etc. and seo so that your book can be found in searches.
We place it in our digital library, you get a link and a code for embedding on your website.

Never forget pictures are priceless, a way to remember and rejoice for generations!
When you order your physical book, you can also get it as an e-book for about 1 kroner,
otherwise 255 kroner..

Photography is the science of the production and processing of photographs.
A photograph is also the very name for the two-dimensional representation of reality
which is created by capturing light on a light-sensitive medium through or in a camera,
either mechanical, chemical or electronic.

The image itself is then usually copied onto a photo paper,
which then constitutes the actual photograph,
or it is reproduced and shown, for example, on a monitor.

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