Later invoice and vacation
March 14, 2023

We have received questions about price lists.

We are heading towards another tough year, but I believe that together we will overcome this year’s obstacles as well.
We have created a simplified price list, but so that none of your customers can see the prices, we have added a password to access it.
We also have a product catalog of materials and book models.
There will be more simple price lists, cases and prints etc
Will also make product catalogs for other products.
The password is the same as the code for studio sample with 30% we hope we can still work side by side.
Don’t forget our page Photoever where you can get a lot of help with being seen.

Do you need a discount? And the code?

As usual, we give you the opportunity for discounts and to be a Premium customer – Here you will find info and code!Här hittar du info!




Photographing dogs at full speed is not so easy, here comes Chad and half-brother Ådi side by side

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