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Time for update
August 21, 2020
Free booking calendar
September 21, 2020
Time for update
August 21, 2020
Free booking calendar
September 21, 2020

Did you have a cross stop?

Saw that Tanja Metelitsa Photography was in Dagens nyheter (Swedish payment link)
Arbetsmarknadsnytt has a long article that is not locked, so read! (In Swedish)så läs!
If you know someone or know a politician, send them links and make them aware
an industry that gets almost no help! what would we be after corona if photographers did not exist and create memories for the future?

What happens in the next stage? The suppliers.

Yes of course it is the same here with us no weddings no photo books.

But at the same time when I talk to photographers, there are some who work as usual.
These photographers not only photograph weddings, but also children and families etc.
And maybe it's more important than ever to think all the way to a picture on a wall or a book.

What do we do? Do we have any opportunities to help when we do not have a normal order intake?

Yes, we do some things, we have taken new steps to make things happen on the page for you.
We have removed the cost of joining (I have time and want to help YOU to be seen)

Step 1: Are you on the page? Fix
Step 2: Is your information correct? If you have, for example, YouTube, https: //, your text is correct, you can write more text today and include your place.
Step 3: Blog Google still likes links!
Step 4: Offers it's free !!
Step 5: Advertise makes an image 300x300pix or similar and you end up in the margin of a page,
And then we create a page with info about you like HERE! 
Step 6: A free booking system as long as you do not choose to send a reminder by SMS

Help me help you with blog posts, you show your pictures and write to your customers!

We have removed the invoicing fee, maybe not so much but always something.
An important thing we have had to do is that we create the invoice and wait for payment before we send the products on.
This is because hunting for money is so time consuming.

We have also expanded Studioline with another model so that you can offer a nice model with a picture in front.
We are fully convinced that we sort out this storm and when it is over, we are stronger than before.
So let's help! Izabela and Magnus



Vi finns på flera ställen, och vi vill gärna att du gillar och delar vi behöver alla hjälp vi kan få precis som du.

Deezy extremaalbum mockup2
Vi älskar när fotografer får ha bilder dom tagit på väggen hemma hos sina kunder.
Här kan du skaffa denna muckup.
Deezy extremaalbum mockup1
Vi laddade hem denna mockup från deeezy, du byter ut och har dina skärmar istället.
Här laddar du hem den gratis.
Inramade bilder, vad gör en bredare med bilden eller en passepartout?
Här kan du ladda ner denna mockup gratis.
Levererar du bara digitalt? sälj även printade bilder så din kund kan njuta av dem jämt!
Mockups från Deeezy.
Ta dina Boudoir-foton till nästa nivå med Simply Boudoir.
Skapa magiska sammansatta foton med ett klick StudioMagic
Album Express 8 Pro: Ett kraftfullt program för att skapa album
Headshot fotografering.Det verkar så enkelt. Men i verkligheten är det en mycket komplex konstform.
Aurora HDR – Världens mest avancerade HDR-fotoredigerare.

NOW we start working with information about It is free to join the website throughout 2020.
If you are not involved, please contact us! You who participate check your information!

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