Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

NEW Fundy Designer V10
December 13, 2019
Premium to more customers.
January 7, 2020
NEW Fundy Designer V10
December 13, 2019
Premium to more customers.
January 7, 2020

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

A big thank you to all the photographers who made 2019 fantastic.
We hope you have appreciated us and our products, and felt the same joy as us being a part of
spreading joy and memories for the moment but also for the future.

We want to continue to help you in your struggle with technology and economics, but we also hope to be able to help more people in 2020.
We see how some are struggling and we are still photographing ourselves so we know what everyone is struggling with and there is a lot to stand for.


Our hopes for 2020.

  • We hope for an even better 2020, which means we can help more photographers reach their goals.
  • Hopes on orderpage, we have waited longer than you think but we hope it will happen in 2020.
  • That more people take help from our design help, some do not have time others think it is too much to take in, then we are.
  • Visit us, we have the opportunity to stay overnight and Magnus has time with you and is happy to show you products and programs.
  • We hope to be able to help more photographers through our Photoever page, and to have product conscious customers.

Our wishes for 2020.

  • Getting more Premium customers (Have you shopped for 12,000 in 2019?)
  • More who place our badge on their website.
  • We hope for more members on our Photoever page so we lower the price by 2020.
  • We also hope that you will come and visit us in our company house, it will pay off.
    Contact us about the benefits you receive and to only book one night or, during the day.

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Merry Christmas & happy new year.

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