JivoChat on our pages.

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February 20, 2019

We have spent a lot of time building our websites from HTML to WordPress.
As you all know, we put service high on our agenda.
We have had a chat program on pages before and wanted it again so we searched and tried a few different solutions.

Our choice landed on JivoChat one of several but this was what we thought was the best and easiest to use.

JivoChat is easy to install on WordPress page but also as easy on an HTML page.
You then have an app in your mobile and / or an app in your computer, in this way it is very easy to respond quickly to inquiries.

One advantage is that when you log out in the evening, visitors can still write and the day after, you pick up the conversation from the mailbox.

JivoChat on our pages.

Curious? Read more on JivoChats website!

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