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April 19, 2019
Studio Lea stamp x 2
April 25, 2019

On request we will show you how to choose a stamp with your own text / monogram.
When you have come to "Additional options for the outside", mark "stamps for different purposes".
Then you get two new blinds in the first, select ST09 - Personalized.

Do you want finishing, which means that we put in a gold (gilding), silver (silvering) foil or black / brown.
Write in the comments which you want of black or brown.To see examples of how it can look look
here on the page.

You can use any font you want, monogram etc. want to use our can you download them here.


When you have made all your selections for your photo book, click on the button «Add to cart.
Then this black banner pops up.

Should you then have a case for the book? Click "Order album for album"!


Now you see in the top box "order for a product" that there is an ID number.
Which means that the page knows that this case should fit your book, all cases are made continuously.

for different purposes "You click on the drop down and find your names, my stamp is called Stina & Ragnar.
In this way, the page does not count the cost of the same stamp twice.
You have already paid for the stamp once.
offer you the cliché as a gift read more on this page.
Contact us for the password.

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