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Last minute tip, a fire blanket case
November 4, 2022
Now even better AI from Neurapix
February 3, 2023

More personal than before.

We don’t just write about Extremaalbum, but also what we do on the side..

We also have advertisements for some companies.
Do you have any tips for the next magazine? Get in touch.
We are looking forward to 2023 and are convinced that it will be a good year!
It is true that times are still tough, but love is strong.
Memories are important and only increase in value the older they get.
Reproductions are an increasingly common business here with us.
Projects, do you have any projects for 2023?

We put an e-book at the bottom for lending, where you can see how we could create a book for you.
I created this book in a few minutes with auto design.


Extremaalbum Magazin here you can read the previous magazine


An e-book I created in a short time for Marias Of Sweden.
Read the page about “our” library and contact us we love to help <3

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