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August 8, 2023
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August 30, 2023

Let the children browse!
Or friends who live a bit away!
A last minute delivery.

Are you one of those who are afraid that the children will destroy the book?
Or like us have friends far away, and abroad?
Last week I last read about photographers who make books to preserve memories.
Printing the books is of course a good way, because when you put the book on the shelf you know where you have it!

As you know, digital is somewhat fleeting, but you can save in different places and share in different ways.

We ourselves always deliver wedding albums as an e-book as a much appreciated supplement to the physical book.


We put it on the bookshelf!
Yes, because we have a digital bookshelf for all books – including yours.

Another tip for you at the last minute, deliver digitally, we have books that for various reasons have passwords, e.g. the book Gabriella och Andreas
You can order the physical book on our order page and in connection with that also order it digitally, then it costs about 1 Swedish kroner.
Or you can order it without a physical book, then we charge SEK 255 + VAT.

Or you can order it without a physical book, then we charge SEK 255 + VAT.
We have examples of a grandmother’s story book, a book to help a real estate agent, a book of old photos from the past, a photographer selling rock pictures,
and we make our own magazine as an e-book.

How can we help you?
You might be able to design books and you can use different software for that.

We have created an instruction for how to use Open office to make a brochure.


Create an e-brochure

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