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April 1, 2020
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April 8, 2020

As you probably know, we help an arborist get on his feet!

And for that we have photographed and filmed, we have used Davinci Resolve and HandBrake.
If you have not started filming, we want to encourage you to start NOW!

Davinci Resolve.

Davinci Resolve from Blackmagicdesign a fantastic program that we mentioned /> The program is easy to get started with and there are lots of instructions on it Youtube, just search and all the help is there.

Davinci Resolvethere are two versions, one that costs and one that is free and available too Windows - Mac & Linux.

We filmed with our Panasonic Camera, the movie was 5 minutes long and exported as an mp4 weighing 2.5GB.
Then uploaded it to the arboristYoutube-channel, it took time when we didn't have fiber.
We haven't done much with the film, but the ones we did were not hard to do.


When we would upload the file onInstagram we got problems, it didn't work. So we need to compress the movie to get it in place.

I looked around and found HandBrake an open source program = free.

The program is available for Windows - Mac & Linux and there is also a lot for this program on Youtube.

After trying and looking, you can be nothing but impressed.
Now our file is only 107MB and it will be no problem for us to upload the movie to Instagram. So look here at the arborist IGTV and compare the quality.

We are in several places, and we want you to like and share we all need help.

PhotoWhoa introduces a whole new package - 1001 Premium Photoshop brushes.

Watch a short video, to get an idea, before you buy.

1001 Photoshop brushes in ARB format. Compatibility with Adobe Photoshop CS4 or higher and Photoshop Elements.
A standard extended license that allows both personal and commercial use.
Compatibility with Mac and PC devices. 60 extra Photoshop skin brushes as a bonus.

Instant download with a click of lifetime access. 30-day refund policy.

Beautiful, young elf, walking with a unicorn. She is wearing an
Romantic style portrait of an elegant couple
Couple in love hugs and kisses in fabulous mountains in nature.
Are you a creative photographer who loves Photoshop?
Here we recommend a little free material!
Work with video!
Are you a creative photographer who loves Photoshop
Here we recommend a little free material!
Are you a creative photographer who loves Photoshop
Here we recommend a little free material!
Are you a creative photographer who loves Photoshop
Here we recommend a little free material!

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** Detta inlägg kan innehåller affiliate-länkar och jag kommer att få ersättning om du gör ett köp efter att ha klickat på mina länkar.

We have filmed, and uploaded movies on Youtube but when we post on Instagram we encountered problems.
Now we want to tell you about Davinci Resolve & HandBrake

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