Chemical paper

Here we have a presentation of the chemical photo papers,
we have in our books.
Making the papers look and feel is not easy.
Even colors are difficult because even screens do not show justice.
But click on the pictures for larger pictures where we bend the paper a little
to create a certain feeling.
If you ask us which we sell most of, we answer luster / matt.
but you ask which photographers like most is the answer Velvet.

Fuji's "Velvet" - a new matte paper.

Velvet is Fuji's new C Type matte paper - with zero reflection!
If you want a matte paper, then Fuji's "Velvet" is for you.
This paper has a wonderfully creamy texture, which is perfect for bright "thin" color images.
If you have pictures in black and white or with a lot of black, we recommend Fuji DPII Luster / matt.
The velvet surface includes a fingerprint protection layer that makes handling images much easier.
A special feature of the surface of the Velvet paper so it can spread light remarkably well even under high light conditions,
so that light reflection is kept to a minimum.
Paper benefits, whiteness, long-term image stability and accurate color reproduction

Fuji DPII Luster / matt.

Beautiful natural skin tones. Luster is the most popular choice of portraits - wedding photographers.
Although the intense colors are slightly muted,
This means that the uneven surface of the paper can be touched with just hands without fear of fingerprints.
Although the surface will eventually become stained, the prints can easily be wiped off with a lint free cloth and polished to perfection.

Fuji DPII Silk.

Paper with a special texture with the feel of linen and silk surface.
Thanks to very good color rendering and resistance to damage, it is perfect for wedding photos, especially in photo books.
Because of its surface, the intense colors are somewhat dull, but retain their unique, exclusive character.
The prints can be touched with bare hands and sent around without fear of fingerprints.
Although the prints would eventually become spotty,
the prints can easily be wiped off with a lint free cloth and polished to perfection.

DPII Glossy.

An accurate representation of color and beautiful rich blackness means prints on Glossy
stands out from other people's presentations and is perfect for your portfolio.
Fingerprints can be carefully removed with a lint free cloth, but caution is required.

Fuji DPII (Metallic) Pearl.

A visually very appealing paper, consisting of a special layer of metal oxide particles.
Embedded bead-like crystals give this paper a high-gloss reflection, especially in highlights.
This means you can see a change in reflection ability as you move around the printout,
which impresses onlookers the most. Especially recommended for pastel colors and black and white photography.


Fuji Album glossy & lustre - the paper in Studioline

To the eye, confusing, like the standard book glossy and luster / matt.
Equal color reproduction but an HD paper which is thin and hard worked.
Often gives a blue tone in fold if there is a picture there, the darker the clearer,
which is not a cause for complaint.
We recommend that you read our design tips, and investing in standard books.
You have the opportunity to get 10% on some products if you become a Premium customer.

Thickness of the pages.

Studioline is only available with pages that are about 03mm,
Standard is available with 0.6 / 0.9 / 1.2 and 2mm thick pages depending on the size of the book.
Fineart has the following thicknesses
Hahnemühle 1.2 / Tinteretto 0.9 / Monks 0.7 / Fauna 0.6mm,
Photo books with passport parts are available with black or white pp. you must use our templates.
StoryBook has no cores and is not designed pages are 170 - 160 gr