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September 17, 2019
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September 26, 2019

Hello and welcome to our absolutely fantastic box for pictures, finally here it is!

The lid and bottom are made in one piece and you choose what material it should be
Linen - Nubuk - Artificial leather As usual you can have your logo on the bottom and a text on the lid.
You can choose laser, then we burn in the text (you have no color choice but then it becomes the color it becomes, we will write more about this.)
Option 2 is UV a method where we write with a printer and special color that you can choose, when the text / subject is in place it is illuminated with UV light
like at the dentist when you make a hole - that's why we call it UV.

And alternative 3 is to make a stamp, then a piece of metal is made and then it is pressed into the material you can then choose to have a folio between, Silvering = silver, Gilding-Gold or nothing at all.

The edges of the box are made of wood, an "L" shaped molding that creates a space to make it possible to have a USB there.
You get the same color on the material on the bottom, USB and the outside.

Here on the page we have added more pictures to look at what material and color do you want on your box?

Now we can finally display this superfine box Vintage, so now it is available for both books and pictures, with or without USB.

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